Tuesday March 27, 2012

yep, granola days happen pretty often ’round here.
seems like i make it at least once a month to be exact.
after last times posting of various things, a number of people asked if i’d share my recipe.
since it’s out of one of my favorite, local cookbooks, with a few alterations of my own, i figure i might as well.
that, i think is one of the great things about granola.
you can alter it in so many ways and it still comes out great.

yesterday, on a whim, i took the two little people and spent part of the afternoon at an auction.
a little crazy and indeed, asking for trouble, but, the kiddos did so great and it may have given me the courage to do it again sometime on my own.
at last night’s suppertime discussion of our days, Ava told her dad that the ‘payer guy’ (aka auctioneer) was ‘so cool. he could talk so, so, so, so fast!’.
she wanted to go back tonight instead of running out for shoes for her dad.
oh, yeah.
i am training her in the that she way she should go.
i went *hoping* to buy one thing in particular, but realized that the likelihood of that happening was really….all in the cards.
and, the cards were such that my set price of $45 was surpassed by $155. so….yeah, paying that much more didn’t even tempt me.
but, i did purchase one little thing.
for $4 at that.


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