Friday February 17, 2012

alrighty then.
if you know me, you will know that WILD does not *exactly* describe me.
well, i suppose it depends on whose comparison scale you stack me up against….
if you’re talking a nun wearing a gown, a veil and a wimple, then, yes.
i would be wild stacked against that.
if you’re talking Harley Davidson-black-leather and tattoos, then, no.
i’m not wild.
there is probably a time period in my life when my parents thought i was ‘wild’.
and, maybe they still do.
but i digress.

so…i’ve enjoyed all of the gone WILD x’s 7 posting that i’ve been reading around here on xanga, and when Audrey tagged me, i thought ‘great, what in the WORLD could i talk about?’.
i don’t live too throw-caution-to-the-wind like.
i am after all a first born.
and, somewhat type A personality.
but, if coming up with 7 wild things can be done and shared and enjoyed by so many others, i shall try to add my couple cents worth to that.

^^ this is a description of WILD if you ask me. this little guy came out wild and i kid you not, it’s only gotten more intense with time!!!

1. i grew up on a farm and was for a long time, my dad’s chief calf raiser. i LOVE caring for cattle, and in fact, for nearly all of my growing up years, i KNEW i was going to marry a dairy farmer and be a farmers wife til my dying day. funny how our ideals and dreams don’t always pan out as we are so sure they will.

2. i have birthed all of my children with no pain meds. no epidurals, nothing. i set out to do that with my first one because, as one of my dearest friends said of me long ago, i’m one stubborn mule. (she may have used another 3 letter word in place of mule, but i try to keep it clean here on xanga) since that first birth almost exactly 8 years ago, i have been ever so glad i’ve taken that stance. not that i’m opposed to pain meds nor am i saying i will never take anything while in labor, but if i can, and i think i can, i will continue to do that duty without meds.

3. i have been stopped for speeding exactly 3 times in my life. and, never once did they give me a ticket. not sure why really. i so deserved it. i do sort of like fast cars and someday hope to drive a mini cooper Charlize Theron style as she drives on the Italian Job movie. (swoon!!)

4. one of the drawing factors for me in watching ‘Lost’ is the hot guys on the show. (yes, my husband knows this. and, yes, he thinks it’s nuts!)

5. Tim McGraw is the only other Tim i love. (again, yes, my husband knows this and is not threatened!)

(^^almost every date finds us in B & N sipping coffee and browsing magazines or books. last nights belated V-Day date was no exception)

6. i have a fetish for canning. one year, i think my total jars canned was close to 500. it’s a little out of control.

7. i am on a first name basis with our towns police department. not because i have domestic issues or because they are the ones who have pulled me over those three times, but because of my crossing guard position that is thru the police department. it is so hilarious to me, that little-old-plain-jane-Rachel is known by name by the police. and in fact, one of the contacts in my phone is the chief of police and whenever i call him i’m so sure he won’t remember who i am, and yet he’s always like ‘oh hi Rachel, how are you doing?’.


my chance on the wild side’s pretty rad, right?
i know.
i’m okay with it.
and now?
i must get on with the day.
kids are out of school and we have a birthday to celebrate this weekend!
hard to believe!!!

a happy weekend to y’all!



22 thoughts on “Friday February 17, 2012

  1. personal friend with the chief aye? and exposing your eye for hot guys… you surprised me with that one. :)this was good. and it only makes me like you even more.and btw, if i ever go anywhere with you, YOU will be driving.  🙂

  2. See, Rachel, I KNEW you had it in you!  I love that you seem so quiet and demure, but then turns out you are totally hiding a little wild side underneath all of that!   I will tell you, secretly, my celebrity crush. And yes, I could stare at him for a very long time.  It is Bradley Cooper.  So I get the thing of wanting to watch a show just to see the hot guys.  In fact, it is why I am NOT watching the Bachelor this season. I just cannot get into seeing that much of Ben…so not good looking in my opinion.  Call me shallow.  I guess I am…in this, at least! And the driving of the fast car…I would SO be into that!!   I feel like, in reading your list, I learn that you are a woman of many depths and facets. And that intrigues me!

  3. Being in with the chief of police is a good thing. So if you ever go criminal, you know people high up. I love that you love canning. My aunt grows and cans all of her vegetables, they never buy them. I sort of wish that I canned but I don’t. I’m also a little scared of it.My sister has birthed two of her 3 children with no pain meds. Not intentionally but it just happened that way, lol. I had all csections so I’m pretty glad I had pain meds.Oh and “chief calf raiser” and the whole speeding thing?? That sounds plenty wild to me!!

  4. sooo great. I loved it. Devoured every word, in fact. I like the fact that you took a stance on paid meds during birth. I’d like to think of myself as that tough, in fact i was SURE i was able to be that tough. But I wasn’t. Yet. But we’ll have another go here in a few months. I want to do it, just to prove to myself that I can, (yeah, there’s a little mule in me too )your speeding thing reminded me of the amount of times I’ve been pulled over. Not sure I’d even want to give the # on xanga, but I could have listed that as one of my items funny thing is, since we’re married, it’s never happened since.

  5. LOL at the “drive a mini cooper Charlize Theron style”  you’re a girl after my own heart!!!  after seeing that I have been just itching to have one of those little cars.  Somebody keeps parking one in front of my shop….. I have been so tempted to ask if I can “take it for a spin”  LOL 

  6. @fruitloops115 – the whole no-pain-meds-birthing experience is definitely worthwhile, but not worth beating yourself up over either. when i came thru my hernia surgery, i did Not do well coming out of the fog of drugs, and i really think it was because i was not in control of my pain. if *i* can control my pain, i can conquer it. i’m sure you could do it too Thelma, but like i said, there’s no harm or anything *less* about not. birthing a baby is a total miracle in and of itself!!

  7. Rachel, I have to say I think there is more wild child in you than me.  Your post left me with this burning question: Jack, Sawyer, or Sayid? (Oops maybe its all of them)  The Lost reference cracked me up so much because I was writing out my own 7 things and I mentioned Lost too, but in a slightly differant way.  Two of my kids were med free, but not because of my mule-like stubborness, more accidental.Oh, another thing, when I was little I said there are two professions I would never marry, a plumber or a farmer.  Duh. Didn’t turn out so well. This made me want to get to know you better:)

  8. ok – so you pulled a nice little surprise little farmer girl. 🙂 so enjoyed this wild reveal of *you*.The whole speed thing, I am so with you. I love speed, but only IF I AM DRIVING! ;)The pain thing, I so tried my stubborn best to do it “all” without meds…so after paying the consequences of trying- I just settled with amazing the nurses afterward with my toughness. ;)the canning, friendship with the police ;), country music loving, Lost watching Rachel……I loved all of it. So excited to hang out with you next week!! =)

  9. These are all SO interesting! I have loved seeing the different sides of people through this ‘Wild’ thing. :)The taking care of cattle… Wow, you and my husband would get along well. 🙂 I think he wishes I’d be more like that! He just loved it too, growing up, and would still love cattle. And although I’d be fine with raising meat cattle if we’d have the space, dairy farming is where I put my foot down for us. He’s okay with that. :)No pain meds for your births… Way to go! There are so few women that I’ve met that can say that!#4 & 5 – so funny. That’s what I love about things like this – how else would anyone know these secret things about you? :)And a canning fetish… wow, that is seriously AMAZING, your record of canning jars. I normally do some things, but don’t have access to good fresh produce like some other areas have. But I’d much much rather eat food that’s been home-preserved than from a Walmart grocery aisle!So excited you’re able to go next weekend. 🙂 So looking forward to seeing you!

  10. @lifeisadance – i’m sure you’ve done the ‘no pain meds’ thing too since you did a car birth and all. =;O)and, the little secrets that nobody would know? yeah, i’m seriously not convinced anyone’s any better off knowing those things now though. so silly really. but, oh well. hope your week is off to a good start!♥

  11. I just have to smile.big.really.big!  God knew you needed a ‘wild child’ …it keeps life reeaaall exciting for first borns. :0Fetish on canning!?!!  I need fetish. I dislike it. Deep dislike. Winter comes, I smile.  Harvest comes, I wana wail…”O where is my Mother?” Happy Birthday, Seth!!

  12. Loved your list – these have been so fun!!  I am still trying to get caught back up with everyone.  I started a new blog and I am still trying to get my sub list updated.  Everybody commenting on everybody’s Wild posts has helped.  I think that it is so awesome that you can that much.  I hope to actually have a producing garden this year and am able to do some canning.  Seems anymore I end up freezing the little I have. So do you have a cellar or something where you keep it all?  I am trying to think where I would have room for that much yummy canned food.  Driving fast… yep I like it.  Might have mentioned that in my wild list…

  13. this is so funny! I still dream of having my own little herd of beef cows(maybe 100)…not so sure the Man agrees to this. I never had meds with child birth either and I try not to mention it to often as most people look at me like I am growing another head. Great big lofty sigh … oh sweet Tim McGraw!

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