Tuesday February 14, 2012

sounds silly to say, but i’m on a just-spent-time-with-a-dear-friend-from-faraway-high.
when you have not seen one of your life’s ‘been-in-my-life-the-longest, dearest’ friends in 6 plus years, one does tend to get a leeetle excited.
and, sleep deprived.
after a brief brainstorming and excited text-messages, and thanks to the very kind accommodations of a very sweet couple, it came together.
mind you.
i do NOT make it a habit to be seen at 3 o’clock in the morning by ANYONE, but for this, i arose.
when your dear friend travels 12 hours from the south to come spend a whirlwind weekend with you, who really cares about bed head and puffy eyes?
it was for me, a GIFT.
a gift after a month and a half of so much sickness and disappointment.
a gift that felt surreal.
a gift i will remember with fondness for forever.

when you have a friend who is okay with your 3 am appearance, you know it’s okay to stay in your pj’s til at least noon.
coffee, cinnamon buns and moving from the table to the couch was about all we got done from 8 to at least 12.
in fact, when my husband and son came home from running to the bank and barbershop, he could not believe we were no further along than that.
‘at’s okay.
he’s pretty laid back and forgiving and accommodating like that.
so after slapping some food on the table for lunch, we hit the road, to take in a few of my favorite haunts…and, of course, i forgot my camera.
oh well. i’ve got the memories in my braincells.
we browsed Pottery Barn Outlet, and then headed to Goodwill.
herein i must insert another high.
(upon completing our shopping, and while standing in line to check out, i spotted what i thought was a pair of UGGS under the glass counter. really? the likelihood of that being true? come on. not very.
guess again.
i could not believe my eyes when the clerk handed the boots to me when i asked to see them.
my size?
reasonable price?
considering they don’t stop at $120 or more new, i thought $24.97 was pretty stinking good.
you must understand that i do not ‘love’ shoe shopping.
of course i wear shoes, but, boots.
i LOVE boots.
and, i’ve been wishing for a pair of UGGS for a while.
kept my eye on E-bay and Craigslist to no avail.
just a couple of weeks ago, when Tim and i were out, i peeked at a pair at the mall that were $170-something.
that’s like more than my allowance for shoes for a couple of years!
if i got the ones at Goodwill?
uh, yes!!!

my feet have been so happy since then.
actually, truth-be-told, my feet have been so WARM since then!
which is a big deal here.
this girl ALWAYS has cold feet.
and these UGGS?
i’m not kidding.
they were barely worn. if at all.)

that was a bit of a bunny trail.
our next stop was of course, Starbucks.
and, since it was snowing and blowing and actually getting quite nasty out, it completely hit the spot.
we had planned to check out one more place, but the weather was just bad enough that i was unsure of whether or not we should head on our way, and when i asked my hubs, he said no.
so….that was the end of our time out.
but, seriously.
we made up for a lot of lost time that day.
i think every time we stopped at a store, we’d sit in the van talking for a while before we’d get out.
and, after supper, when everyone else was in bed?
we were up talking til 11:30.
with church the next day, and her having to head south again, we figured a leetle sleep might not be a bad idea.
thankfully, i did remember to take one picture while she was here…to document our being together for the first time in so many years.

it must not go that long again.
must not!
i was so thankful for her being spontaneous, and for her husband’s being willing to let her go, and for my husband’s being willing to let me have the time with her…without our husbands support and encouragement, i don’t think it’s an understatement to say this might not have happened.
and, to Clarita and her husband and family for being willing and able to bring her from the south; so grateful i am!

yesterday was another one of the many days during this year where we are still battling colds.
combined with my lack of sleep from the weekend, i did not accomplish a whole lot.
i think i colored 4 pictures with Ava in the afternoon to be exact.

of course, things like laundry and food prep happened in there too, but, other than the normal, everyday, it was low key ’round here.

^^walking home from school yesterday..

^^this young son of ours is going to have a birthday this Sunday. i can hardly believe i only have a few more days of his being 7.


it’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?
we don’t have big plans here…but, i do have a nice supper plan in mind.
and, a gift for my dearest.
and, to show you how ALL of my children look on this Valentine’s Day in 2012….

no, i am not carrying triplets; i just happen to have 3 ultrasound pictures and figured it would be easier to let them each hold one than to have them fight over who gets to hold one.

^^the little squirt.
i’ll be 20 weeks in 2 days?!
yay for that!
at our ultrasound appointment last week, we could not get the little one to move out of it’s very comfortable position and so…we have to go back next month for another ultrasound.
not to find out what ‘it’ is, but to get some of the pictures the doctors need for their records.
even though it’s kind of a bother to have another ultrasound done, it’s also rather fun to get to ‘see’ the wee one again.

i’ll be back soon to tell you about our Valentine’s Day van.
and, the menu i’m making for tonight…
til then?
y’all have a Lovely Valentine’s Day!


24 thoughts on “Tuesday February 14, 2012

  1. lucky you on snagging such a sweet deal on UGGS. i would have had to dance a happy dance right there in Goodwill..:) can’t wait to see you and the UGGS.and happy you on precious moments with old-time friend. nothing better than quality time with those who totally get life in pj’s and bedhead and talking nonstop for hours.cute pictures of kiddos. makes me wish i would have been creative enough to snap some ultrasound pics this way…maybe i should go dig them out and do it now…?? “)

  2. so happy you got to spend time with an old friend.and though i’m totally happy you found some ugg’s… i’m just a lil’ green with envy.can’t wait to see you in them.  ♥happy valentines day to you, my friend.

  3. What fun! I’m so happy for you that you got to spend good time with your friend. It’s so nice to reconnect and be able to emotionally recharge! I’m glad you were able to do it. Congrats on the awesome UGGS find!Happy Valentines Day!!!

  4. i was going to say TRIPLETS? but then i read what you said…i agree, better to each hold one then to fight over the picture. aww your little bean is so cute. and yay for your dearest friend visiting. those days are so awesome and just fill you with so much goodness eh?

  5. i feel my own happy sigh just reading about your time with a kindred spirit friend. i know what that’s like. that’s why. 🙂 so fun that you could connect again irl. those uggs sound like the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae. awesome.

  6. Oh, man.  That time with an old friend?  I was shouting with joy for you!!  And feeling a little like crying, too, missing some of my friends so poignantly.  Go you on finding the boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn’t it just such a God-send when you find something you really need AND want and then God gives them to you for so much less?  Warm feet are a huge perk. 🙂  Baby looks just adorable! Congratulations on reaching 20 weeks!  

  7. Are you serious?!! R. was with you!!  I totally blinked twice to make sure I was looking at her! What a delight! Pure bliss for you despite all the ‘happenings’ in your life.AND the good find of Uggs.My heart smiles for you.

  8. Somehow, I had missed the announcement that you were expecting! Congratulations!! <3So happy for you that you got to visit your friend. I know how exciting that can be! And the Uggs. Oh my goodness!! What a blessing! 

  9. I AM SO SO SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR UGGS!!!!! I knew how much you wanted a pair…and to find them whilst spending precious time with your lifelong best friend?!?!?! AMAZING experience all the way around!!SO happy for you!

  10. So that’s the story of the Uggs 🙂  Childhood friends are a rare and wonderful gift, they make us feel young again, and remind of who we used to be and were we come from.  20 weeks!  Half way through now, before you know it that little one will be in your arms!  See you soon my friend!!! 

  11. I have been on and off your site today! Just commenting now.How great you got to spend time with your dear friend. New baby is so cute. (I can tell already ;)And the Uggs! Super deal!!!Happy Thursday to you. =)

  12. Oh, wow.  There really is nothing like spending time with an old friend!  And now I’m curious how you know Rochelle!  Steve and she were best friends at Hillcrest and he lived with their family for a year and a half while doing Choice Books.  She is one of those girls who was so comfortable and easy to talk with when I met her.  

  13. @twofus_1 – yep, when she was here, she saw your family picture on our wall and wondered how i know *you*!!! =) our days go all the way back to 96 and being at CBS together. we were in each others weddings and have just kept in touch thru the years. maybe not constantly, but here and there and enough that we can always sort of pick up where we left off. she’s the best. so easy to be with like you said

  14. Just catching up online after a rather crazy week! Awww, I’m SO glad it worked out for you two to spend the weekend together! We were just so happy to be part of the grand reunion. 🙂 It sounded like such a fun time together – and great finds at Goodwill for both of you besides, how can it get much better than that?! 🙂 I love Rochelle so dearly, she’s been such a good friend to me in Georgia. And your Uggs!! Seriously, you and the deals you find are just amazing! I love it! I’m sure those boots will get a thorough investigation by all 20+ women next weekend. :)Those ultrasound pictures are precious. I’m always in awe of how perfectly formed a baby is, even when so small. Such a miracle! Happy week beginning to you!

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