Wednesday February 1, 2012

first of all.
the title for this post…the two things have nothing to do with one another.
but, i will be talking about them both.

rocket math.
if you are not familiar with the concept it is something like this:
write the answer to a certain amount of math facts within a certain amount of time.

if you are the son, you try your very best over and over. and, you try to believe that it does not matter what others around you are doing and that no matter what your mom and dad are proud of you.

if you are the mother, you try very hard to be both very encouraging and affirming to you child, while at the same time trying to Not be upset with the system.
it’s a daily thing right now.
both for my son and i.


and little Brent.
not much phases him.

and, then for wreaths.
after the last time i talked/showed my wreath creation, a number of you asked me how i did it.
and, i will be the first to admit that tutorials are not my strength.
but, i’ll also readily admit that writing instructions in an email message with no pictures is even harder.
i made another one this morning and decided to (try) and document the steps in case you feel so led to make one yourself.

the supplies:

~a wreath form
~glue gun and lots of sticks
~an old book to tear apart

i start with a stack of papers and fold them in half and then in half again.

i did a rough rounding of the edges…

…and, your page will look like this^^

and, then cut the page in half as shown here^^.

and, then, a ‘scrunching up’ of the page halves. i find that it’s easier to do a whole stack of these at once instead of each piece as you go. if you have a stack done, you can keep adding and adding instead of stopping each time to ‘scrunch them up’.
it’s super complicated, especially this dialogue, i know.

next, you take your glue gun and dab a bit of hot glue on the wreath form and press your paper onto it. it seems to work best if you hold each piece on the wreath form until it starts to dry just a bit…if you try and just push it on and keep going, the pages tend to pop off.

just keeping adding them all around the wreath form, until….

it’s done. you want it nice and full, so use lots of pages and press them close together.
after you’re done, you will want to check for places where the form might be showing thru and add a piece of paper in those spots.

Pin It

easy as pie.
i had thought it would be so sweet to do one in a heart shape, but when i went to Michael’s i could not find any wreath forms in heart shapes. i’m sure if you checked around online, somewhere you can find a way to make your own forms, and that would be great too. another idea that i think would be very charming is to ‘frost’ the edge of the pages? make them glittery or colored….i don’t know. it would add more time to the making of the simple project, but it could be very nice too.
there’s that.
do let me know if you take the time to make one….
i’d love to see what you come up with too!

first day of February?
where does the time go!?
happy Wednesday to you!


18 thoughts on “Wednesday February 1, 2012

  1. I have rocket math on my phone and Thomas likes to play it! I love that wreath. I never make wreaths so I probably won’t be making it, but i think it’s super adorable. And the idea of frosting the edges of the pages, I love that.

  2. Oooh, I love your wreath! And you did a great job with instructions too.  I would love to make one like that! Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you [long before you even posted this] that my mom has been raaaaaaaaaving about the first wreath you did like that. She’s not normally a raving kind of person, just more matter-of-fact, but rave she did, and on and on. 🙂 Just thought I’d pass that on, and tell you you’ve got one big fan club in her. :)And I’ll just enjoy these preschool days as long as I can…. I can’t believe I’ll have school-age children before too long, but for now, I’ll enjoy the littles. :)~♥

  3. You did a great job on the tutorial.  SO pretty.  And I’m so sorry about the math.  I remember horrible days over timed words in grade 1 (similar concept).  Hang in there.  But if it really gets to be too much, it’s truly ok to talk to the teacher.   I taught school & I was glad when the parents communicated their difficulties….even though it may have hurt sometimes.  I don’t know what your situation is, though….  All the best.

  4. …then there’s algebra! 🙂  O you could always homeschool and choose your curriculum and we could travel the world together.  Math is not my cup-of-tea, but it is to da man of this household! Love the wreath, love the wreath! Feb. is already here and soon I’ll have teenagers…ugh! I just want to S.L.O.W it down. I could be a grandma in 10 years and not be anywhere close to 50!! Off my soap-box now….Have a blessed week, mucho love to you!

  5. That first picture of Seth just says it all!! I think we should start a homework support club….for  parents!! And right now, I really wanna go on a Re-uzit Shop old book search. Then again maybe not with 4 helpers. I guess I’ll do breakfast dishes instead. Happy Day to you!

  6. You did an awesome job on the tutorial.  Most times I’m going, “Now, wait.  I need to look at that again.”  Not this one.  And what a pretty Valentines wreath that would make.  I need to find something really nice for Spring and get it made so it’s ready for house showings.  Any suggestions?  I love the paper ones, but I don’t think it goes with our house.  I need a bit of modern twist on a classic.  

  7. math. oh my word. the very name sends me into convulsions. :/and the wreath..  LOVE IT.and gonna pin it as soon as i get that pinterest account set up that i’m WORKING hung up on username since there’ s already like a gazillion amber hutchins.who knew there were more of me!! 😉

  8. i’m thinking tutorials ARE your thing. i followed this one just fine…and you even had me thinking, “hey! i can DO that.” :)your wreath looks great! makes my heart pound…as does ANYTHING to do with math and my kids. but for different reasons. sigh.

  9. @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown – i don’t know if this is the case or not.. but w/ the button. we have firefox and explorer and if i’m ever singed in under explorer it keeps me from copying codes and such, oddly enough. but firefox works fine. i don’t know if you have another server you could try. that might be it. or. just something wonky w/ xanga.. which wouldn’t surprise me. 😉

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