Saturday January 14, 2012

Saturday morning and the scene before me looks like this:
Ava is playing with her American girl doll…the brothers are wrestling and rough-housing while listening to the weekly rendition of ‘Ranger Bill’ on the radio…the hubs is off to work for the day…my coffee is on the table beside me…the dishes are still on the table and counter from the waffles we just ate for breakfast…and, outside it’s blustery and Cold!
this week and last were sort of….trying.
first of last week i came down with strep throat and it was AWFUL! honestly. i do not know if i’ve ever had such a sore throat…and, i just felt like i’d been run over by a truck. not a great way to start out any week for a mom really. by Thursday, Seth was home from school and on his way to strep throat, and we made another trip to the doctors and pharmacy to fill a prescription. and, then this week? things started off okay, but by Wednesday, Ava and Brent were both under the weather and i was again off to the pharmacy to fill more prescriptions. i am so thankful for a doctor who so leniently wrote out prescriptions for the other kids when i took Seth in…she really is a gem and i gladly sing her praises. so, at least we didn’t have to make a third trip to the doctor, and is anybody else out there as thankful for drive-thru pharmacy’s as i am?! traipsing into the drug store with 3 sick kids, me barely back to normal myself and filling prescriptions? nope. i hit the drive-thru in situations like that.
so, while it was undeniably trying around here the last two weeks, i tell myself it could be soo very much worse. i think of a dear friend with three little people like me who is facing all manner of serious tests for health issues unknown…i think of a friend of a friend who just recently lost her battle to breast cancer and left 3 small sons to face life mother-less…and, i realize that this 2 week stretch of sickness is little in comparison to what others are facing.
and, yet….you and i both know that when you’re in the throes of motherhood and you’re sick and tired (and pregnant!!) and dealing 24-7 with illness, and still keeping the home-fires burning, and breaking up sibling fights, and getting food on the table… it takes a toll on you. 
so, the other thing you would see if you’d happen upon our household on this Saturday morning would be a haggard looking mother still in her pj’s, in need of a shower.
but, like i said. it could be so much worse.
things are on the upswing and i’m thankful.
wanting to count my blessings instead of my trials.
i was the recipient of two very delicious meals dropped on my doorstep by friends who heard of our plight this week and last….
there’s always something to be thankful for.


all of your comments after my last post were SO fun to read through!
it was truly a bright spot in my otherwise ‘icky’ week to announce that tidbit here on my little ol’ blog.
i had wanted to put something up here like we had done with telling our families and friends and kids, but…that was not meant to be. i figured it was just my technologically challenged state of being, but when i tried one-more-time this morning, it actually worked! so…this little clip…

…was how we (tried) to tell people our ‘news’.
when i was at my midwife appointment on the 28th, i recorded the heartbeat…just cuz i knew Tim would love to hear it, and then as time went on and we were trying to figure out how to tell folks, it just hit me; send ’em the heartbeat!!! it was hilarious some of the reactions we got…and, of course, our kids were not familiar with the sound and had wild guesses of what that ‘noise’ was; a slingshot, an airplane. when we did tell them, they were elated. Seth was instantly rooting for a brother and Ava just smiled and smiled. one of her first comments after the fact had sunk in was ‘ooh Mom! we can go shopping for the baby and buy for a boy and a girl since we don’t know what it is!’ her father was rolling his eyes and i was howling with laughter! Ava tells everyone she sees that ‘our mom has a baby’. pretty funny. little Brent? he’s happily oblivious really. occasionally he’ll pat my leg or maybe my chest and say ‘i feel the baby’. no, buddy, not exactly the right spot.
i actually have felt the little one since week 14…just amazing how a life so small can be so evident! it just saddens me to think of people throwing away life like this when it is such a gift. a gift i’m keenly aware of and not wanting to take for granted….but, at the same time, in my quest to not take for granted this gift, i have to find a balance so that i’m not plagued with worry, ya know? it’s always something in motherhood, isn’t it?  it really is a thing of:
“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
~Elizabeth Stone
this week, despite the sickness and tired, i finally took down my Christmas decorations. the house is not quite put back in order, but that should be on my list for today.
not that everyone else and their sister isn’t doing something amazingly wonderful with music/book pages….but, i was kind of happy with this super thrifty creation i made this week….

an old hymnal i had, a wreath form for .97cents at the Goodwill and about 6 hot glue gun sticks…can’t get much cheaper than that.
coffee filter wreaths are pretty, and i was actually going to go that route, but…. pure white is just not really me, and in fact when Tim finally noticed my wreath this morning , he commented that he likes this much better than the coffee filter wreath and it’s much more ‘me’ and our house style. course, he also said he’s afraid people are going to think i have a problem with church hymnals…and, i said i figure they think i have enough other problems they won’t find it too surprising.

what a random post, eh?
this house is not cleaning itself up, and i just heard little feet running upstairs and squabbling starting up AgaIn…
what was that i was saying earlier about keeping the homefires burning?
duty calls.
y’all have a good weekend! school’s out Monday too, eh?
make it good!


17 thoughts on “Saturday January 14, 2012

  1. Rachel, you have had quite the two weeks! I haven’t had strep throat since I was a kid but I remember it being terrible.  It’s kind of silly but every time I get really sick I still think, “I want my mom!”    You are so right about having thankful hearts and realizing, even in the middle of trying times, that we are still tremendously blessed.That sound,oh that wonderful sound of life!  You music sheet wreath turned out wonderful!! I loved the ruffled look of this one. I usually just see the wreaths that are made of music sheet cones.  I like your much, much better!  Hope next week is completely uneventful my friend, you deserve a rest.

  2. I was just thinking about you this week and wondering how you’re feeling with your pregnancy, and man, to hear you had strep throat!! That’s so terrible! I’ve gotten strep so easily the past three years, and just *feel* for anyone who gets it. It’s the worst sore throat ever, but it’s also a sickness over your whole body. 😦 So sorry for you all! We just came through a bout with Zoe and strep since we’re back from Pennsylvania, so my sympathies to you! I And beautiful wreath!! I love what you did, and a hymnal is a great idea! 🙂 Funny how Tim didn’t notice until this morning. That tickled me, just sort of a man thing, I guess!I hope your weekend is much better and your following week is back to normal! Well, normal as pregnant can be, I guess. 🙂 xoxo

  3. I had strep when I was pregnant with Oliver and it was awful. When I would swallow I could almost cry. I feel your pain!!! I’m so sorry!LOVE the wreath. It may be my favorite use of book/hymnal pages thus far! Sooo cute.I bet your family loved the news!! It’s good news!!!  Hang in there mama!!

  4. What a splendid idea with *the heartbeat* video!Reading about your last 2 weeks, I actually shut my eyes ever so tightly and proceeded to pull at my hair, O I felt every emotion! To.the.core.I chuckled on your response to Tim….good one!  Loving the wreath, I agree this would be more you then white.Have you been on pinterest?Wishing you the best *next* week eva!!  Love you, my friend…feel my hug thru the waves!

  5. Sorry….I had a sore throat in the beginning of the week and it was miserable!We did have scarlet fever go through our house right before Christmas, which is a form of strep throat. I felt bad for the kids.What a sweet idea of telling everyone about the baby! I am so excited for you. The kids are so cute about it too….I bet it melts your heart to see what they think about a new sibling!Hope you’re having a good weekend! =)

  6. Strep throat?! Poor gal. . .AND for the kiddos too. Yikes! Definitely with you on the drive thru Pharmacy, or drive through ANYTHING. I haven’t been around in a while either so belated CONGRATULATIONS to you! So cute to hear how your other children have accepted the news. And that wreath. . . . OH!!! I adore it!!! Fabulous work!

  7. random is fun : ) sorry you’ve been sick!love the wreath. a friend did one with cream colored coffee filters … have you seen those? but the words from the hymnal are really’s to a fresh week!!

  8. ha…i was on the same page using an extra Church Hymnal we had for sheet music projects, but i got over the ‘thisisaalmostassacredasabible’ feeling! 🙂 pretty, pretty! Esther

  9. and, i said i figure they think i have enough other problems they won’t find it too surprisingthat line was funny- so not true though! and congrats! on the baby news. that is so sweet and i am so happy for you! here is a wish for a happy and healthy pregnancy. also, loved the wreath. cheap (that look expensive), pretty things make me pretty happy. have a sunny, snowy day!

  10. Oh, Rachel. I just love you! Thank you for keeping it real, and keeping perspective. It is so easy for me to lose it, when it really should not be. Every single day is a gift.The wreath? Downright amazing. It’s perfect.

  11. gracious, that’s a tough week. i sure hope you are on the mend by now and not more of you picking up on it.  Jensen had strep last week too and can’t believe no one else has gotten it yet.loved the wreath and i think i may try that out myself.  thanks to you. see if my husband will say the same thing about me. lol.  that was too cute tho.

  12. i LOVE that sound! what a great, creative way to tell people~and that wreath is gorgeous.i’ve wanted to make one of book pages – – would you mind sharing your know-how. did you just make it up or follow some tutorial??

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