Friday January 6, 2012

…have included, but not been limited to:

^^naps in new chairs…

^^panini sandwiches made on my new Cuisinart Christmas present…

^^an afternoon outside trying to get rid of the ‘i’m BORED’ lines coming from little mouths…

^^the hubster trying to fix the zipper on my vintage boots…

^^playing “Sorry” during Brent’s naptime…

^^a new mug from a friend this week…so appropriate…

^^excited and happy faces, because…

^^of this.

hApPY wEeKeNdInG, friends!



41 thoughts on “Friday January 6, 2012

  1. Oh Rachel!!! I’m so happy for you and Tim!!  How exciting 🙂  And to think, I get to enjoy watching this little one from the very beginning… that feels very special.  How are you my dear?  Are you feeling alright so far?  I love the way you announced baby with the scrabble tiles… so clever and fun!What a fun way to start my day! {hugs}

  2. i LOVE this kind of news!!!! congratulations rachel! i am so excited and happy for you all!and yes! i think that i will be using exclamation points this entire comment because sometimes, like now, more is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i would love sometime to hear the long version of you sharing your happy news with your children and family! and the way that you shared this news on xanga?you are so fun and clever! how cool to use scrabble tiles! LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!big happy hugs…and hoping that you are feeling well!

  3. like elizabeth, oh! oh!OH!like cindy, i love this kind of news!like april, great way to start the day!guess that leave me not so original – but super excited for you : )hope you’re doing alright.congratulations!!

  4. Just a stranger coming by on a rec from @elizabethmarie-1.  Congratulations!   Those years of having new children (I can’t believe they’re gone already) were wonderful years and each new positive came with much excitement, anticipation and even a little trepidation as to how we were going to get by with yet another child.  I read your post with just a tinge of envy.  I hope this new child brings much joy to your home.

  5. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!This is SO SO exciting!! I am just thrilled for you!Darling announcement, oh my!And how fun that there is someone else that I’ll also be pregnant alongside for a few months! That is always so very fun for me. :)Oh, baby news has just got to be one of the very most exciting!And… those paninis look like they’re straight out of Panera Bread. Amazing!

  6. YAY!  This announcement is just too cute!!  SO so so happy for you.  I pray your pregnancy will go well and you’ll be blessed with another healthy baby girl? boy?   Hugs….

  7. You are so clever with the announcement!I am going to come see you while you are pregnant..AND then when the babes is born. Pinky promise.Brock is jealous over Brent’s car chair and in the next comment he says, “O I am so glad she has a summer baby not a winter one. Poor her if she would.”  Not sure where that came from :)We’re excited for you! … and the chillins wish I would still be having babies.Praying that the tough months are behind you.

  8. @hicktownfarm – i’m gonna hold you to that one dear!!!  altho’ i must say that seeing me pg is not such the pretty sight@ and, i should have mentioned that i’ve seen other announcement type things with letter tiles, so it’s not exactly my original idea. yes, Brock’s not the only one glad it’s not a winter baby…being pg all thru the summer? YUCK! it’s not been bad, but this week, as you know…not so great. it’s looking up tho, so PTL! miss you so!!!

  9. So very happy for you!! I was exclaiming ” They’re gonna have a baby!!” and my daughters came running, and I was trying to explain who you are. lol I have not commented but been a “lurker” and am trying to mend my ways. 🙂 May God bless you with health, energy and grace in the days ahead!! ~Marlene

  10. Congratulations!! The mug is hilarious! Love that.Oh and that sandwich? I am now craving a hot sandwich with melted cheese…..mmmmm.Have a great weekend! Hope you are feeling well!

  11. Yes, the baby announcement was a surprise … love those announcements!!  2012 looks exciting for you all 🙂  Love the mug – sipping on a matcha tea with honey and whipped cream now… always looking for BIG mugs ;)In this techno age, I hear “I’m bored” a lot from my kids 😦  Of course, if we’d have some snow to go with the cold, they might enjoy some sledding – all we have now is mud and I guess I’m not letting them play in it cause I’m not wanting to clean it up 🙂  I dreamt we got 5 in of snow and were sledding on pieces of tarp last night… ?  You have strange dreams while pregnant?? 🙂  Praying for health for you and baby.

  12. Congratulations!! So exciting. Isn’t so much more fun when you have older kids and watching their faces when you tell them the “secret.”:) I remember the girls when we told them about Dakota. Hop everything goes well for you!

  13. the wonder of new life. bestowed on you… so beautiful. all of it, and i’m so happy for you all.  loved the way you shared this with the cyber world.praying these 9 months will go flying by for you.

  14. People are getting so cute and creative with your baby announcements that it almost makes me with for another baby…just so I could figure out a clever way to announce it! Ha, ha!So happy for you!!!!  And loved looking at the rest of your pictures too.  Looks like a lot of good times!

  15. Congratulations!!!!  The scrabble tiles are too cute!  andmay I please come to your house for a panini?  (and chatting?)andthe header photo is stunning!

  16. So great!  I’m soooo happy for you!  I was admiring all your children’s smiles in these pictures and I already can’t wait to see the new baby added to the bunch.  I’ll be praying for you, as you work on growing a new little one~ Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with your xanga friends!

  17. Congratulations, lovely Rachel!  What a fun announcement.  Your children are just beautiful, by the way.  And what a nice husband to try to fix your boot zipper.  I hope he succeeded.

  18. Oh my goodness, how exciting! I’ll be right over to drink coffee and have a panini…and talk babies ;)…..can’t wait to see you soon..right, you are coming?

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