Saturday December 31, 2011

it’s inevitable, you know?
i know it sounds all ‘Days of Our Lives’ ish to say it’s as sands thru the hourglass, but it’s rather true.
with the ending of one year and the ushering in of another, it always makes me stop and look back.
at where we’ve been.
what we’ve done.
where we’re going.
i don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, per se`.
but, i do like to be intentional.
about this life that is marching past right before my eyes.
i had thought i’d sit down and pull together a listing of my favorite pictures from 2011, but good grief! i must take too many pictures, because the files are never-ending!
but, one picture kept coming back to my mind.
it’s not professional quality, and to be honest, it will probably mean nothing to most of you.
but, i kept thinking about how quickly this life seems to be passing by, and about how it seems like yesterday i was sitting on my daddy’s lap, and, now it’s my kids doing that with both their daddy and mine.

when i took this picture, it was an instant favorite for me.
to me, it evokes memories and feelings deep.
i look at that watch on my dad’s wrist and remember him wearing a watch for as long as i can remember.
i look at that watch and my kids with my dad in the background and it’s somehow symbolic of the thing of time marching on.
one generation to the next.
i see my dad’s weather worn hands and my young, named-after-his-grandpa’s son sitting in his lap and i see the benefits of times march.
the benefits of the advancing of time bringing about wisdom that can be handed down from one generation to the next.
it’s sobering in a lot of respects, this marching of time.
but, even so, i want to live life aware of the o-so-many-benefits of gleaning from the march of time.
gleaning from the wisdom of those older and weathered by life’s marches.
gleaning from even the young around me who embrace each day, each little thing with abandon, unaware of times march.
and, so….

to 2012.
my goals are being formed in my head.
my realities will form with each new day, with each little thing.
i want to embrace it, live in those moments.
march on time.
your beat is good.

to you and yours….
Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “Saturday December 31, 2011

  1. Time really does march on doesn’t it?  At times I’d like it to just stand still for awhile but it doesn’t take orders from me that’s fore-sure :)Happy New year to you too!

  2. Rachel that picture is beautiful!!  What a touching and fitting way to end one year and begin a new one.  I love what you said about living intentionally.  I feel that keenly Rachel.  In a world were instant and apathetic rule the day, I want to squeeze every drop of worth and wisdom I can out of life!  Happy New year my friend!  You are such and encouragement to me 🙂  

  3. …”and I see the benefits of time’s march” ….. yes!  It is so easy to regret time moving on because we miss things in our past.  But how true, too, that time marching on bring such good things, too.  I hope this year I can learn to look into the future with much more hope and much less fear.  Happy New Years to you!

  4. This is beautiful.I think I say that to every post I comment on, but it’s so true, and I really do mean it. :)Time… I think of the speed of it more now than I ever have, and even find myself wondering if Zoe will turn 4 or 5 this year. She really can’t be turning 5, can she?? And Olivia 3?? And me turning 30 in 2012?? Unbelieveable. But however quickly time marches, I love what you wrote about just treasuring it, taking the time to enjoy the time. So much of life is about being intentional and purposeful, not just letting it drift by thinking that the important things will stick out and hit us over the head. I don’t want to be clobbered by the sadness of missing moments – I want to bask in them now. And even while I say that, I know that means something so much bigger than I. It’s a continual resting, a peaceful heart, a joyful heart, really, being filled with Jesus, in order to enjoy the moments, enjoy the persons, within my life… Your words always inspire me.The best to you and yours!♥

  5. i know that it’s not my dad and children, but still. that picture is touching. i feel like i can understand why it is for you…and i love your thoughts here.happy new year rachel! there’s so much to look forward to!

  6. Beautiful! I believe you made more of an impact with one photo then you probably would’ve with 20!Blessings to you and your tribe. 2012 is already ‘bouncing’ along and I plan on treasuring every moment of it.

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