Monday December 26, 2011


last night i sat down and looked back over the last couple months of my life via the pictures and prose here on my blog.
and, obviously, i’ve been a little MIA as of late.
partly intentional, partly not.
life kind of has a way of happening and you kind of have to choose between the good and the best.
and, for me this last while, the best was my family, while the good here took a hiatus.
but, as i sat down and read over my blog, i realized how much i’ve missed my blog.
missed this space where i can jot down things both big and small.
and, truthfully, i’ve missed the interactions with those of you who so kindly take the time to comment.
if i’ll be back on a regular basis from here on out?
maybe not.
either way….i still like my blog and the chance to sit down and dump….
either from my heart of from my camera card.
today, i’m dumping from the camera card with a few short words in the form of Christmas Good Things.

healthy children.
Breakfast out with a sweet friend.
over-the-top-delicious food and Most pleasant company.

Mulled Cider.
Little hands eager to give gifts…

Christmas lights in the neighborhood.
Christmas carols sung by new readers…

receiving Christmas cards in the mail.
Eager children opening presents…

oranges being passed out after church.
the Bounty of Blessings allows us to share with those we love…

wrapping presents Late at night.
Little ones happy with their gifts received…

making food in anticipation of family to share it with.
Early morning faces with stockings filled with anticipation…


Christmas music.

warm temps on Christmas weekend = kids playing outside for Hours!
Helpers with Hillbilly Golf Games…

naps on the couch.
So Much Food!!!


text message pictures of nieces and nephews at the holidays.

fresh apple pies.
Helping with assembling gifts…

and, really, this is just a few of the things i could mention.
there are so many good things going on around us all of the time
if only i can remember to notice them….

it’s the last week of the year!


10 thoughts on “Monday December 26, 2011

  1. Aw. Loved seeing you again. 🙂 I understand being MIA. Life surely got busy the last few months. Very glad to see that you’re well and you had a great Christmas, friend!

  2. i just looked at that first picture of you in the collage a long time. because you are so very pretty. :)and the other pics, as always, are a treat too. i understand mia…and really all that you shared about it. because inside… there’s a me too. about friendships hereand the interaction that means so much.blogging has brought precious people into our livesand it can have it’s own family-feel…but there is what you said, The Best.and who that is…is really inside of our homes.been thinking of you lots. and all of your little people. and the busy and the fun…hoping that you have time to rest too as you enjoy. ha. happy new year dear friend!

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