Wednesday December 21, 2011

 i sit down to post and realize that the clever poems that i think could be composed are not coming to me.
the words of ‘the presents are all ready and the food is completely prepared’ would be false.
the thing of ‘we have sent all our Christmas cards and packages in plenty of time’ would also be misleading.


but, you know…..
it’s okay.
i sit here today thinking of the fuss and busyness and fanfare that is made of Christmas and i honestly have mixed emotions.
i enjoy it, the fuss and festivities and such.
it’s great fun to get fancied up and eat fine foods with friends and family.
it’s somehow invigorating to deck the halls and prepare for guests.
it’s truly a blessing to be able to share gifts and cards and such things with those i love and care about.

somehow, someway, i think it should be done on more days than just December 25th.
because really, the whole thing of celebrating the Christ in Christmas should be all year, everyday, in all ways.
you know, i think about why i do what i do at Christmas, and i think about Christmases past and wonder….
i wonder what my children will remember.
i wonder if anyone will find blessing in the cards and gifts in any days beyond Christmas Day.
i wonder how many lives will truly be touched for eternity by the life i live on each and every day of the year because of what Christmas Day means to me.
i wonder if my children will grow up and recall the real meaning of why we celebrate this great holiday when they recall the Christmases of their childhood.

there seems so many reasons for simplifying Christmas and i’m not just talking about less presents or cards.
reasons like: if we’d simplify the materialistic efforts of the day and focus on sharing Christ through sincere love…..wouldn’t it have more lasting effects?

wouldn’t it mean more to the unsaved around me to reach out to them in small, consistent ways throughout the year when i see and realize true needs, instead of offering them a basket of fruit or a plate of cookies right before the holiday?

wouldn’t my husband and children benefit more from my slowing down and loving on and for them in more intentional ways than they will from a toy or gadget stuffed in a stocking?

wouldn’t my church and other fellow-Christ believing friends realize my care and concern in more raw and sincere ways if i stood in the gap for them when i can throughout the week instead of just passing a card and small gift their way?

i don’t know…..
it’s not like i’ve arrived in any of these things.
at all.
in fact, as i type this, i’m pricked in my conscience of areas where i lack in huge ways.
i’m sobered by the fact that some of the things i intended to do for and with people have not been realized because of being swept up in the ‘busyness’ of the ‘season’.
it’s good to have a season to celebrate and be aware of Christ’s birth.
but, i think, no, i know, that for me, this ‘season’ needs to last longer than the month of December.
even if it’s just in little ways.
because, really, the little things Do add up.

the Merriest of Christmases to you and yours!



19 thoughts on “Wednesday December 21, 2011

  1. Beautiful pictures — beautiful thoughts — I had a meltdown this morning because of all the pressure and told my husband “next year I’m going to run away and serve in a soup kitchen!”  I survived but I too would like to see Christmas action all year long!   God bless you and your family as you celebrate His birth this Christmas season and I wish for you a healthy, happy new year.

  2. Yes, beautiful thoughts.  I hear you.  I agree.  It’s hard not to get caught up in all the STUFF, but what a blessing to sense the Spirit, and to pause and remember Christ and all He has done for us.  I think every year is an opportunity to grow in those areas you mentioned…..thanks for the ideas!  Love the sweet pictures of your beautiful family.  Merry Christmas!

  3. Being ‘more intentional’ throughout the year is exactly what we should be doing, esp.for those of us who proclaim to be Christians.  Homeschooling has been a blessing for us in this area, love the spontaneous moments of serving others ..well maybe its not so much the homeschooling as my personality. 🙂 haaha Excellent post from the heart, Rachel. Blessings to you this weekend. Merry Christmas, my friend! P.S. We’re gonna so go ‘against the tide’ this year…we’re gonna grill steaks on the beach 🙂  No fancy food or fancy clothes.

  4. Hmm, mind if I just copy and paste this to my blog?? (JK of course.) I’ve been thinking on these things too. I just haven’t come up with any answers, at least not any that come out in words. But let me tell you, I, for one, have been the recipient of your “Christmas Spirit” many times throughout the year! So thank you and Merry Christmas!

  5. This is so wonderful to read Rachel!  Your thoughts are always so convicting to me but in a very tender way.  I loved the thought about consistently reaching out in small ways to unbelievers, carrying Christmas with us all year round.  Your picture are so very lovely… but then again you are such a lovely family 🙂  Merry Christmas my sweet friend! 

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours Rachel!How many times it is the little things that others do that impact my life and yet I still have the tendency to think that the “big” things are more significant…Thanks for posting this~

  7. LOVE what you wrote here…it goes along a lot with what I have been thinking recently and trying to put into practice.  Loved how you boiled it all down to what is really important. Now…to just live that out, right??

  8. Loved what you wrote.  It resinated with my soul and so much of what I have been thinking and pondering these days. I love the way you can write out your thoughts and feelings like that.  It blesses me. Love n hugs.

  9. for some reason this correlates *at least in MY head* with what i just told a church friend when i ran into her at walmart.i said that i love Jesus so much that i won’t be seeing her at church on sunday. (which of course is not to suggest anything about anyone else’s love and why they are/aren’t going.  i hope that no one takes it that way.)what YOU shared was beautiful and profound. what i said…not at all.  but…what i meant was…for me…tearing my kids away from just opened presents when i do not want to go…would be for… WHY? and yes. what about my relationship with HIm all year long? love this. your pictures as always too. sweet family… and my jacob says what i’m already thinking when we look at your picture, “rachel b is pretty mommy!” (he always uses your last name! which cracks me up.)merry Christmas dear friend! love.

  10. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well Rachel! I enjoyed hearing where your thoughts are at during this season. I especially liked the thought of reaching out to others in more ways then a plate of cookies…all year long. There is much depth in that desire…..Beautiful family pictures!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, Rachel… pictures and words alike. I was hoping all week for a chance to slip over… sadly, my week flew by. With our family Christmas being during the week, now it feels like Christmas is over and I actually have “free time” on Christmas Eve and Day, but that’s not exactly the time to try to meet with friends. Maybe next time! Until then, I so enjoy your blog. And you. Merriest of Christmases!

  12. @lifeisadance – i didn’t see this til late last night Clarita!! i would so have loved for you to come over while you were here, but like i told you, i know how it is and i take no offense. i was glad i got to chat with you 2 Sundays in a row tho!  i hope your travels home go well and that your settling back into normal life is sweet…i’m guessing that with all that the next months hold, i’ll see you again before too long! with love~R

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