Saturday December 10, 2011

this last month has been full.
as if you all needed me to tell you that!
but, really.
it’s just been so full for us that i’ve not had the time to put anything together for my little old blog.
i’ve wanted to.
but, when i sit down to pull something together, i see the messy office, remember the Christmas cards i’ve got to finish, the gifts i have to sew, the bread that needs baked, the…..list goes on and on.
i did clean the office yesterday, and told myself that today i would post.
after i got the bread started.

and, there it is, so, here i am.

you all are undoubtedly busy with your own lists of many things to do.
but, even though it’s o-so-busy, it’s been o-so-good.
we’ve had so many good times together…
we had Thanksgiving brunch with my in-laws and a couple of neighbors….

and, then we took our kids to the park.

this little set of pictures…

in the third picture, had we captured it, you would have seen Brent face planting, and mommy dropping the camera on the bench and running to his rescue.
didn’t even realize i’d captured this until i uploaded the pictures. poor little Brent. it started out as a good thing, but…thankfully a few kisses and hugs from mom sent him back off to happiness.

our Thanksgiving day was rather un-traditional. but, we loved it.
i have however, cringed a number of times since when my children are asked if they had turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and they matter-of-factly reply that ‘no, our mom didn’t feel like making it’.
it’s sad how true that really is.
but, i also happen to think that none of us are any worse off for it.
we did have our pumpkin pie in the evening when some friends came over to play games.
so, it turned out we did have one traditional thing on our Thanksgiving day.

two days after that holiday, we celebrated our girl…..

how!!! do the years pass by so quickly?
this day was so long anticipated for our now 5 year old Ava.

the story of this birthday gift is yet another of my favorites.
for so long, i’ve wished we could get an American Girl Doll for Ava.
she’s wished and hinted with regularity too.
but, spending the bucks for one was just not going to happen.
i had been keeping an eye on Ebay and Craigslist, to no avail.
one of my dearest, been-in-my-life-the-longest-friends texted me and wondered if Ava had an American Girl Doll.
no, i wished.
well…they had found 2 at a yard sale earlier in the year and their daughter wanted to give one of them to Ava.
i completely freaked.
cried actually.

to say she was excited ^^ is an understatement.

it was sweet.
one of the sweetest things.
and, someday, if and when i can do that for a friends daughter, you bet your boots i will.
and, to my dear friend who reads here: you have no idea how much this has blessed not only my daughter, but her parents as well.
you are a gift. i love you.

^^going with daddy to get donuts for her birthday breakfast..

Tim and i got Ava a sewing machine, which she also loved.

not quite as much as the doll, but i didn’t even care. i think i was as excited as Ava was about the doll!!
sadly, the machine didn’t work for long, and i had to take it back.
another one is going to be ordered from Amazon.
(hopefully, i won’t accidentally order something else from my Amazon wishlist…that could be a problem!!)

we’ve put up our Christmas decorations, but i’ve not had time to take any pictures.

i spent a girls-night-out with one of my dear neighbors and friends. (it’s hard to call her a neighbor because i feel the friend thing is more personal)…i have no pictures from the night, but it was, hands down, my favorite Christmas dinner. we dined on delicious fare, had the sweetest of conversations, and laughed together. to sit with a table full of ladies, 5 of us living within the same block… and look around and realize that this, this is what i love about my small town life…it really was a blessing to me to be there that night.

we spent a weekend with some friends at their farm….
^^look at all those cuties!
the baby was in the house with his mommy…

^^ Brent kind of liked him.

we had our cell group Christmas dinner this week, and the kiddos were so excited to be dressing up and going out. they had their own little table, and sat with their little friends.


it really was a nice evening and the food was all so delicious!

and, tonight, we have my husbands work Christmas dinner.
the sitter is lined up, and we’ll dress up and dine yet again.
(that reminds me…i have to wash some clothes before then!! eek!)
Tim’s working all day, and sadly, mom’s not dressed and, i told the boys their room IS getting cleaned today…

they are super excited about it.
i just sent them upstairs to get started.
the bread dough is about to spill out of the bowl, so i’m thinking that’s my cue.
whatever you are keeping yourself busy with, i hope it’s merry.

i’ll be back…


16 thoughts on “Saturday December 10, 2011

  1. It’s no surprise that you’ve been too busy to blog!! And you’ve only told the “highlights” so I can only imagine how busy you truly are!! 🙂 The pictures are great. Happy belated birthday to the little one. Enjoy the weekend! 

  2. What a nice, long, newsy post!!  Love it Rachel 🙂  My two favorite pictures: You and Brent snuggled together and the look on Ava’s face when she opened her gift!  Isn’t God good?  While at times, I tempted to believe that He couldn’t possibly be bothered with my little wishes and desires, He shows me time and time again how much He does know and care.  It is not accident that your friend found 2 American Girls at a yard sale 🙂  And the sewing machine!  What a great gift, I can’t wait until Eliza’s old enough to have one.I smiled when I read about your non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  We had pizza and rootbeer floats for my family Thanksgiving dinner 🙂  The children were thrilled!  Merry Christmas my friend!PS~ your bread looks so good… I might have to make some today.

  3. This was a fun newsy post.  Blessed to hear of the sweetness of life in the midst of it all.  Your kids are so cute…loved seeing them all dressed and shiny in their finery, the birthday doll and sewing machine, and you hugging your little one.  I too think God is so good to us in blessing some of our little desires.  He is such a good Father and sees our hearts.  He does that time and again for me!

  4. My 5 year old begs for an AG doll, too, but we have not found a friend like that yet.;) And she begs for a pink sewing machine…do those little things actually work? Ahh, 5 is such a magical age.

  5. happy post. american girl dolls are thought to be pretty fabulous around here too. my sister & i had quite the collection that my mom saved. regan will even sit & look at the catalogs, point & say baby! baby! i love that first picture of her & totally get how you can be nearly as excited or more so than she … maybe knowing just how sweet Jesus is in His goodness makes it that way! your dress up dinner parties sound festive.merry christmas ~

  6. Oh Rachel, what a delightful series of happenings around your place. I can’t believe how big your beautiful kids are getting…wow, and Ava is five already…wow. the look of pure delight on her face when she opened up that doll is awesome. love it…what an amazing blessing that God worked that out for you. Sooo awesome. He clearly is interested in the little details eh?so glad to see pics of the Thanksgiving…good times whether you had ‘traditional’ or not…make up your own traditions 😉 we had started going out for dinner on Christmas night so that my mom didn’t have the stress of getting all the food together for us. she liked that idea alot. not sure if we’ll do it again this year, but we’ll see…and then i think we do more traditional fare on New the pictures of your life…love that you are considering a new Canon 😉 hope it works out for you one day, you have such a good idea for beautiful captures. so glad that you have updated us on the last little part of your life.

  7. It does seem like people have been extra busy lately. You start to notice that people aren’t on-line as much! And you miss it! So…very good to hear from you once again. Enjoyed the pictures too! 

  8. Fun to hear from you again, girl!  I could just sit and LOOK at that picture of Ava getting her American girl doll!!!!  Sooooooo special! What an amazing find and what an amazing friend to think of you.  Even more amazing to me is the little girl who was not selfish but shared the treasure when she could have had two. She has a good mommy!

  9. a post from you always makes me smile!and that look on ava’s face.. well, that made my smile even like God to even be a doll-provider!! so cool. so like Him to remember the details.happy birthday to her, and you.. dear sweet mama. i looked at that shot of you holding brent for several seconds – – just some things tonight on my own mama’s heart, and that shot evokes alot of that emotion for you.

  10. It’s Rachel! So nice to see you.Enjoyed catching up with your days. I can just imagine how excited your little girl was to open up that doll. How special.We live close to the American Girl store…my girls have no idea how spoiled they are that they can visit more than once in a lifetime which is what we see when we’re in the store!  Girls there for a special trip with their mom or grandma or aunt..etc. The store is really neat, a little museum-ish. Great for window shopping. ;)Hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Monday! =) 

  11. That’s so cool that God provided an American Doll for your girly!  They’re so expensive when they’re new.  Reminds me that God takes care of us and even gives us those extra things we desire.   

  12. the bread rising as you update, I find that very cozy and perfect. Now if only I made bread that would rise. 😉 The doll, bless your friends heart. Was so fun to see the joy Ava felt. (I remember my sister Jen getting a sewing machine which seems to me was her 5th as well, it was pink too and she adored it.) 🙂 A date with daddy was special I am sure! Was nice to hear from you again, right in the middle of busy Thanksgiving/Christmas season……..I too LOVE the picture of you and little Brent. Precious!

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