Friday November 25, 2011

well…to add diversity to my blog, i’m doing something really! out there for me.
this is me….

wishing YOU a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


17 thoughts on “Friday November 25, 2011

  1. Oh, that was SO much fun!  I love, love when any of my friends does a video on their blog.  Loved what you said. And…you look very pretty. So fun to “see” you once again.  And PS. You Totally do sound like you have a lisp.  But its kinda cute. (Maybe its something with your microphone?)

  2. Yay!  It was fun to see you and hear your voice!  And I echo your sentiments, salvation is such a HUGE part of life, it IS life.  And without out it, we would be…nothingness, void of purpose.  Thank you for sharing your spirit of thanksgiving.  And…you let a “y’all” slip out there at the end.  Sooooo cute!

  3. i am loving the diversity rachel. and…seeing! and hearing! you and your thankful list. jacob asked me recently when we are going to see you again. he used your first and last name, it sounded so cute!i told him…hopefully soon. have a great weekend! love.hugs.

  4. How nice to meet you. 🙂   Love your scarf.  And though I struggle a lot with understanding my Father God, there is no way that I am giving up on Him.  Without Him, where would we all be?  So that’s at the top of my thankful list too.  I enjoyed your video and always think people are brave and beautiful to do them.

  5. Oh Rachel!!  I just loved this!  To hear your voice and see your facial expressions… I know that this sounds silly but I feel like I’ve been given a real gift 🙂  I feel like I know your heart and spirit so well and now I have a voice to connect it with.  I’m smiling real big right now   Happy Thanksgiving my friend, Love ya!PS~ darling scarf by the way 😉

  6. i love when bloggers do a little “diversity” with the video. amen and amen to your thanksgiving list.your voice sounds good. and the “lisp” sounds cute. :)maybe i will become strong and brave and do a video. credit will go to you!

  7. How did I miss this Great post!?It was so fun to hear your voice….you do Not sound bad at all. {I do know what you mean though….I hate hearing myself.} I loved that you did this. So much more special to hear you tell us your thankful list. =)Hope you’re having a good week. =)

  8. i watched this the other day but didn’t get a chance to comment~ while watching, about halfway through i realized i was sitting there smiling BACK at you on the screen!!  and then of course i felt like a big dork. 😉 so fun to SEE you and hear your real voice. can’t wait to hear and see you in person come Feb. it’s gonna be even more special this time around, ya know. so excited~

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