Monday November 7, 2011

thanks to inspiration from this homeschooling, produce-growing, fashion-savvy mom, i’m posting in this style today.

number or times that i received a phone call from Julia Roberts this weekend.
i was at work (ahem) and they paged me and said line 6 was Julia Roberts returning my call.
to which i looked at my co-workers (cough) and stated ‘i didn’t call her, but for cryin’-out-loud, how often does this happen? i have to think of something to say!!!!!!’
and, then..
i woke up.
what a way to start the day.

the time i slept til on Saturday morning.
the kids were at their grandparents house for night, and so….
happy sigh.
sleeping in is a treat indeed, and for me, sleeping in, in my own bed under mounds of blankets…blissful.

number of iPhone’s i found sitting at a table unattended at Barnes & Noble’s on Friday night. we went there after our supper out that night, and the couple that was sitting next to us (in the children’s section…what is up with the removal of ALL the plushy chair in B&N??? annoying!) got up and left… soon after they departed i was looking at some books close to their table, and what in the world! there sat a snazzy iPhone next to their rejected pile of books. Tim went and searched for them in the store while i guarded the phone. it started ringing over and over and when Tim came back from his looking, he called the number back. it was the man who’d been sitting there and he was overjoyed we had not run off with his girlfriends phone. kinda fun to be able to help a stranger in that way.

number of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte`s i enjoyed over the weekend. not simultaneously; over two days time, silly you!

any guesses?
the age that i am now.
all this coffee-drinking, eating-out, Barnes & Noble-browsing, kids-staying-at-their-grandparents business, was due to the occasion of my birthday yesterday.

number of boxes i received in the mail containing scarves for birthday presents. i was DeLiGtEd with both of them, and wore them both over the weekend.

number of days until my daughters 5th birthday. finally, finally i have a number i can give her for a reference point. ’20 days after mommy’s birthday, and then it’s Ava’s birthday’. you do what works, ya know?

number of fabric softener sheets my husband pulled out of the sleeve of his shirt while standing in JCPenny’s and talking on the phone. someone needs to speak to the lady that does the laundry in this house!

number of minutes until my eldest comes home from school.
there are cookies to bake, supper to start and hmm…all this reminiscing about the weekend has me thinking coffee would be nice about now.

and, this time, if you leave me a comment, would you care to share one of the best things of your weekend?
a good Monday to you!


24 thoughts on “Monday November 7, 2011

  1. Oh, Rachel!  Happy Birthday!  What a treat…. lattes, eating out, Barnes and Noble, but to be honest, the sleeping in part sounds like the best part of all!  Love that you had such a fun weekend celebrating you!!  I love when my birthday falls on the weekend … just seems to make it easier to get really celebrated when David is off work. 😉  Fun thing this weekend?  Our spur of the moment trip to DC on Saturday and our insanely wonderful night with old friends Friday night.  I’d happily redo both this weekend if I could. 🙂

  2. tee-hee about the fabric softener sheet, hilarious I loved all your pics, as usual. so my weekend? the weather, for real. I took a walk Sunday afternoon, and it was just soo lovely. And then after that prly the pizza and wings sunday night. they were divine.

  3. Happiest birthday to you, my friend!I so wish I would’ve remembered your bday along with Avas before I sent the ‘big’ package.Our weekend consisted of Chicago…the home of The American Girl Store and Legos! A divine time with the family celebrating Mariah’s birthday.

  4. happy birthday you beautiful woman!  So glad for all your celebrations and happy moments!  !  You fav…. was being reunited with my man after being his being gone for a couple days!  happy sigh.

  5. I LOVE with SUPER CAPITAL LETTERS pictures #2 and #3!Those are wall worthy. =)HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! =) {I will very shortly just a few weeks be 35 too. We are so, so young!}And TWO pumpkin spice lattes in one weekend….wow, you are one blessed woman.So glad you had a fun time out with your husband! It’s always so nice and refreshing to be alone, isn’t it?My favorite memory from the weekend…..spending time with my whole family at my grandparents house.*You did not have to give me such credit! Thank you for your sweet compliments.I enjoyed your post in numbers.Happy Monday to you.

  6. Love the pics and oh, the sleeping in sounds WonDeRFuL!!!Let’s see……my weekend… of the best parts was going to the wedding of a close friend. Her husband died four years ago. To see her and her four kids at her wedding to an incredibly good man was really amazing……Happy Monday to you!

  7. @Elizabethmarie_1 – no, it’s all true. you’re deserving of all those words and then some. and, the young 35…i kinda remember that your birthday is like somewhere around January 6th? am i right? @fruitloops115 – it was totally hilarious. i was doubled over laughing and Tim was trying to discreetly wad it up and shove it in his pocket…i don’t know if anyone saw it, but it was hysterical !@clearlyhis – good for you! so nice to have the hubs and the daddy back after any length of time! @smilesbymiles – your best times sound not only delightful, but hopefully rejuvenating!! so happy you had that time with friends especially. @hicktownfarm – omw. i am soo glad you guys made this happen in your weekend! i would love to see more pics sometime…and, you know how the package thing is going to go over! i think i’m almost as excited as she is going to get!!! @ToLiveLoved – wow. that is awesome for your friend. i cannot imagine…yet, to think that God knows all things…it’s incredible!

  8. I really enjoy reading your posts! thanks for sharing your thoughts and…happy birthday! The best part of my weekend was an impromptu visit from my mother and sister. Antiquing and book store shopping with my dear husband was a joy also!   Blessings to you!

  9. saw it was your birthday on ffe and meant to wish you a happy, happy .). glad in consisted of wonderful moments. that always makes turning older so much better. my happy moment was was on sat. it was a long week of sales talking and shmoozing….. i was about worn out and a lady i knew sort of came in and spoke words of life into me through a compliment. .) i treasure affirmation…

  10. Oh, Happy Birthday to you!  🙂  I turned 35 a couple weeks ago.  What a wonderful birthday weekend you enjoyed!  One of my birthday blessings over the weekend was a precious card from a precious friend.  God is so good to us.  🙂

  11. Happy Birthday! The 30’s always seemed old, but the farther into them I get, the less so they are! 🙂 Would have never guessed you for 35! 🙂 Such a beautiful post, love the numbers. It sounds like a splendid weekend, slow, relaxing and quiet. I love those kinds. (I did laugh about the fabric softener sheet in the shirt)  🙂 

  12. happy birthday you sweet heart you!!beautiful shot of you alone in the grass with the smokey sunflare~i giggled at the fabric softener sheet – not that that’s EVER happened round here. *coughcough*love you friend~

  13. Fun post!  I think hanging out at Barnes and Noble sounds absolutely wonderful. In fact, just this morning I was scheming in my head about how I could get there for a day sometime soon. (It is 1.5 hours one way for me, so if I go, I have to make it worthwhile.)  I am glad you had a great birthday weekend. Your birthday is almost the same as Jeremy’s…his was Friday. And Lisa’s is Friday too. And another good friend of mine was Sunday. Lots of birthdays piled on top of one another.  My weekend? The best part was a party (couples only) for my husband and one of his buddies (they are 3 days apart in age). We had a blast! 

  14. happy birthday hon!! so awesome that you got to have an evening alone with hubby, do some book perusing, drink some latte and wake up in a comfy bed with no kids around to wake you. sounds like a fabulous celebration. love that you got scarves for your bday. you are one of the most fashionable people i know…i love the way you put stuff together, always inspiring for me! love the picture of you sitting in the sunlight and the white pumpkin on the old bike…so beautiful. happy birthday soon to your little lady as well. my they are growing up fast 😉

  15. i missed your birthday? !!! happy HAPPY birthday to a sweet gal. deep thinker. lovely wife, mother and picture taker…my friend ya lots…and hope that this is the beginning of a great year. i’ve pulled not only dryer sheets out of clothes that i’m wearing…but socks. and tiny underpants too.  we are just cool like that. so hard. finding good laundry help these days. my weekend? hmmmmm. *short term memory challenged* going to a big big slide as a family. funfun.

  16. Awww, happy birthday!! And I tell you, you ladies make the 30’s look wonderful. Honestly, for quite a while I was near terrified to enter them, but I was telling my husband just the other night – with my 29th birthday soon approaching – that I’ve learned to know such radiant, beautiful women in their 30’s that it actually makes me anticipate it. So ~ thank you for modeling beautiful femininity and not dropping the ball when it comes to passion, style, and elegance!This post is just so full of happiness… it just oozes out of every picture and word. I love it! I”ve hardly been on the computer since I’ve been out here (haven’t had internet at our apartment) but coming to this delightful space of internet is delightful once again!

  17. Quite a while back I came across your blog and have checked in every so often because I love to see your pics! (Hope you don’t mind!) I was browsing this AM and came across a pic of your husband and realized that he is the same man that helped me schedule a repair on my washer at the counter last week at Martin’s! Found a pic of your house so now I know where you live and that would make us almost neighbors! It’s a small world after all! ( :

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