Monday October 17, 2011

if Sonic were a girlfriend, i would write her a note like this…

Dear Sonic,
what a faithful friend you have become!

it seems that in the recent past, you have become a regular part of our lives.
there was the time we enjoyed your goods after the Airshow...

and, the time we spent with you after touring the floodwaters

and, just today when i was feeling like a DOG with a head cold, you came through for me yet again.

thank you for not only your faithful friendship, but the support and encouragement that makes me smile…

you provided me the chance to sit and sip today while my young ones ran and played.

since liquids are good for flushing colds out of the system, your happy-hour-priced-size-large Cherry limeade was just what the doctor (would have undoubtedly) ordered.

the sunshine and blue skies that we enjoyed along with you today made the friendship sweeter still.


i know we will enjoy many more times together…

thank you for adding simple pleasure to our lives.



18 thoughts on “Monday October 17, 2011

  1. this made me smile…. as i flew around today i stopped in to see your/my girlfriend! they let me use a BOGO coupon, a free onion ring coupon AND it was happy hour so i just plain got me a route 44 cherry limeade!  texted Lisa while I was there and she said to drink one for her….  maybe we need to add Sonic to our next FFE :).

  2. Nothing a little Cherry Limeade won’t cure πŸ˜‰  Sorry about the lousy cold my dear   It’s so hard to keep up with the kids and the house when you just want to crawl back in bed.  Our favorite fast food vice is In and Out!

  3. Never been to a Sonic. Here in hicktown, I am sure that’s way to ‘uppity’ of a restaurant. πŸ™‚   Sorry about your nasty cold.  Mothers know best, so go ahead and drink limeade ‘stead of hot tea.

  4. So is it weird that I just inserted my name in place of the word “Sonic” and now I totally feel like you wrote me this really lovely friendship note!!  Ha, ha.  Except I wasn’t sure what to do about the part about “enjoying me goods” after the Airshow.  Awk–ward! Loved it!

  5. I just love your take on life and the way you appreciate the simple joys of it!!!! GREAT pictures to go along with the heartfelt letter to your brightly-colored, fast-servicing “neighbor”! They should tap into this for marketing purposes! πŸ™‚

  6. We love Sonic too!  Hubs has been known to run out there at weird hours after the kids are in bed for a burger or 2.  Did you know they (burgers) are half price on Tuesdays, and nothing beats a .50 cent slushie  or cherry limeaid on a hot day!

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