Thursday October 13, 2011

it’s this thing of knowing he’s got my back.
and, i’ve got his.
it’s this thing of wishing life were easier.
but, trying to embrace the hard.
it’s this thing of realizing we are not much.
but, knowing in Him we are more.
it’s this thing of being willing to do whatever it takes to make the other succeed.
and, knowing they are doing the same for you.
no matter what.
no matter when.
no matter where.
no matter how.

and, while that may seem an odd preface to a Fallish Fete, as i’m sitting down here today and recalling the things that made me oh, so happy the other night….i’m reminded of the hard it took to make it all happen.

i’m reminded that i could not do these things without my husbands support and sacrifice.

i’m reminded that even though these last weeks, and the weeks before us are hard, somehow, because of Him in our lives, we’ll get through it.

i’m reminded that even though my husband physically felt lousy and received news of a grandparents passing while i was enjoying myself with a few dear friends, he gave up, so i could give away.

life’s hard.
real hard sometimes.
but, somehow, it’s supposed to be.
it’s supposed to have these days, these weeks of intense hard so that we realize He wants more for us someday.
it’s this thing of giving up.
giving away.
 giving in.
 so that others can receive.
so that others can gain.
so that others can be more.
it’s what He did for me….
oh, if only i could always remember He gave all so that i could be anything………


fall is really THE best time of the year.
i could handle it for 6 months instead of the short 3 that it is.
but, it’s okay.
i tend to live it up while it’s here.


the above pictures are from a dinner party i hosted in my backyard this week.
it was the best of times.
the best of weather.
the dearest of friends.


and, one more picture preview.
look at those kids.
i kind of like them.
and their dad.
a lot.
happy almost-the-weekend to you!


18 thoughts on “Thursday October 13, 2011

  1. I kind of like you… a lot!That first paragraph just got me Rachel.  What you described… that is real love… that is what it is like to go through life with your soul-mate.  Not easy, but side-by-side.  Always looking to be the best for the other person.  Your dinner party looked amazing!  You my friend are gifted!!  All the little details, how special!  I can only imagine the laughter and noise at the table and the delicious food that graced the table!  And your family photo turned out perfect!  Those sweet faces and you!… you look beautiful!  PS~ so sorry to hear about Tim, praying for him and his family.

  2. seems after the hard stuff, I really enjoy the good and appreciate it more.  Yes, life has the hard times. And, yes with HIM, we can make it.  Such good thoughts Rachel.  That back yard party….oh my goodness…….love the previews of beautiful family and gorgeous you!

  3. such a pretty party Rachel! So many beautiful little details! Do you realize it’s kinda  a teaser to put all the detail shots in such small dimensions. I clicked each and every  one, so I could see them bigger.  Very very very pretty party. Love it.

  4. O I so wish I could’ve been invited to this party! 🙂  I noticed the red chair, looks great.   I did exactly what ‘fruitloops’ did, clicked each one to enlarge em.I took a deep breath and let out a BiG sigh while reading….I love you, Rachel  and we are rooting for you and Tim from the sidelines.

  5. have to agree with thelma & the size of your pictures : ) lovely.lovely.lovely. yay for new mercies every morning & hoping the weeks coming are filled with exactly what you need ~

  6. I like you too, like someone else said. Those pictures made me wish I lived closer to you and I could come over to your house for a dinner party. And it inspired me to have a dinner party like that sometime this fall for our new friends here in Japan, why that would be just the thing! 🙂

  7. P.S. LOVED the family picture. Fall is also my favorite season and not to make you jealous or anything but they’ve been telling me it lasts about five months here. I’ll let you know if that’s so or not! 🙂

  8. Your family picture turned out really great!  And the first part of what you wrote…I get this feeling that there is a whole lot more to that story. And I hope that you and God are figuring some things out and working through the hard stuff.  Your party?? Yes…definitely so beautiful!! You have such a gift!

  9. You are so beautiful!  I love that family portrait.  Thanks for your friendship here on xanga…. I appreciate your notes on my blog entries.  They always make me smile.  ((hugs))Here’s to God, family, friendship and our favorite season of the year~

  10. Goodness, your party pictures look aMAZing!  Those paragraphs …. such truth.  Hard truth.  I like what you said about remembering that He gave ALL.  It’s helping me to put some “giving” in perspective that looks big right now.  Because it’s really not.  When you compare it to giving your Son in the way Jesus was given.  Or in Jesus giving Himself.  Wishing you grace for every minute of hard, Rachal.

  11. A beautiful party again! You have a gift, and you use it well! Loved the teeny pics, made bigger:) Someday we will get together again, we will. You have a beautiful family!

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