Sunday August 28, 2011

so, i may have mentioned that i like furniture on this little old blog once upon a time.
or, maybe more than once.
seems i’m going at it again…

last week, i stole out of the house in the very early morning to scout out a few yard sales just up the road from my house. it was the kind of thing that i told myself i’d see how early i got awake and if i felt like it, i’d go. if not? plenty of other things beckoned to me on that day…it was in fact, the day i took my kiddos to the Airshow.
i stopped at a couple of the first homes i came to, found a couple of treasures such as an antique fishing tackle box for $1, a cute little vintage toy cash register for $1 and, a couple of shirts for several coins. not a bad way to start the day, for sure.

i came up to a pretty much deserted house with the driveway up a slight hill from the road, and it looked intriguing, so i parked and walked up. being the furniture enthusiast that i am, one of the first things i spotted was a two-piece cabinet setting off to the side of the garage. i also found 3 sets of Very old antique shutters for $5 a pair, and i Snatched those up with ambitions of reselling them for much more $$. you wanted galvanized tubs? yep, he had 8-10 of those for either $3 or $5 each. totally good deals. anyhow…back to the point…
i am sometimes annoyed by there not being price tags on items, but this day, and this place, it didn’t faze me. i inquired about a couple of other smaller items he had, and then, out of nothing more than curiosity, i asked about the cabinet. one hundred, was all he said. almost sheepishly, i thought.
i looked it over and there may or may not have been a puddle of drool on the pavement when i left, but that’s beside the point.
i left.
without it.

made a couple more stops, picked up a couple more things, and headed the 1 1/2 miles back home.
i was pleased as punch with the things i found, and was telling Tim about them, and then, i mentioned the cabinet. told him what a GREAT deal i knew it was, how BEAUTIFUL i thought it looked and just general gushing. he wanted to know if i wanted to get it. of course i did, but he also wants an iPad, but isn’t getting it…we can’t just buy all the things we want. that was my argument.
and, then? he told me i should go back and get it.
use some of the money you get for your birthday, and let it be an early birthday present.
i played my ‘you’re not getting the iPad you want’ card again….perhaps a bit weaker this time.
he told me to just go…’take a picture of it and send it to me on my phone, and see if we can pick it up later in the afternoon if you still want to get it after looking it over some more’ were my husbands words of advice.
the ol’ girl buzzed back over to the place and did as she was told.
just like that.

i tried to convince the seller that i would give him a check for the amount and then bring the cash when we picked it up…but, he wouldn’t hear of it. said he’d just hold it for me.
truth be told, that did make me a bit nervous, but i told myself if he was dishonest about it, and sold it to someone else, then it was not meant to be.
but, it was meant to be.

when my husband got off of work, he drove over and paid the price and was going to see about picking it up later…but, the seller offered to just haul it to our house right then and there.
can’t argue with that!!!
when he dropped it off, he told me that after i ‘bought’ it? there were probably 12 or more people who wanted to purchase it.

we set it on the corner of our side porch and covered it with a tarp…until yesterday morning.
with Irene bringing us lots of rain and wind, it was not a good option to leave it outside.
i emptied my other cabinet, and with the help of a kind neighbor, my husband brought it in and set it up in it’s new home.
it took me a while to clean it out, and put everything back on shelves, but the effort was pure FUN!

i am so pleased with it…
when a dear neighbor stopped in yesterday, i just HAD to show it to someone…
and her words of ‘it was just made for this room’ said it just right.
while i was never dissatisfied with my other cabinet, something like this would have been my first pick if i would have been presented with the options as such.
as i often do when i find bargains like this, i toy with the idea of if i should turn it, because i KNOW it’s worth more….but, then i think about the likelihood of ever finding a deal such as this, and realize it’s Never, and i keep it.

and, my other cabinet?
it’s setting aside in the office for now.
advertised it and feel confident i can sell it.
(or, if you’re local and interested, let me know!!=))
after paying only $20 for it 9 years ago, i figure i can at least get that much out of it again.

this piece is all completely original…never been refinished or repaired.

i just LOVE the shape it’s in.
the hardware is pretty…

the peach pie looks like it was made just for the pictures, i know, but truthfully, it was for a friend and Sunday dinner company…

so…yet another good morning of yard sales if i must say so.
seriously? i was gone less than two hours…
totally worth the getting up early tho’ when you come home with bargains such as this, and the whole day before you yet to do as you either need or want to.


and, yesterday while Tim and Seth were having a father-son day, Ava and i were baking pies….


she was kind of happy with herself.

now, i’m off to spend a relaxing evening with my family…being thankful we made it thru the hurricane with minimal damage….
praying for all those severely affected by the storm…
a good week to you friends!


26 thoughts on “Sunday August 28, 2011

  1. I love your new yard sale find!!!  What a bargain!  Glad the hurricane damage was minimal for you — we have flooding in our area but it doesn’t affect us as we don’t live near a stream or river.

  2. ahhhh, i knew that it was going to be amazing. wow…i had to wipe a bit of drool off my chin as well. oh my goodness. if i was in your kitchen right now i’d totally be gushing over it!!! so much fun. and i’m glad that you were able to get it so nicely delivered to your home and filled with so many beauitful treasures. sooo excited for you and also so thankful for your hubby who knows that you desire to make a beautiful home with things that are a good deal aand is willing to help you to make your house a home, even if its a sacrifice for him sometimes! love it Rachel!!!

  3. THAT beautiful piece!???! for a 100 bucks! what a steal. I’m wondering if the place you bought it was along st. street? There’s a house along there that occasionally has yard sale w/ lots of vitage type stuff for good prices. Stuff I love, but do not need.  Wow. I just love that cabinet. I’m very very happy for you. It’s very beautiful. 

  4. $100.00!!?  Rachel that is amazing!  I love it 🙂  It looks like it came out of a magazine with the peach pie sitting on it!  You got so many good deals.  It may just be my imagination but it seems like it’s hard to find good vintage stuff in CA for a good price (another good reason to come visit I suppose )Baking pies with momma, that sounds really nice!

  5. what an amazing find Rachel! that is always such a “feel good” to know you were the lucky one to claim it. the pie makes it look even more delish and perfect, I agree. 🙂 Ava is quite the beautiful pie-maker. =)

  6. Gorgeous!  I LOVE the hardware on that piece.  And I like that it doesn’t have glass doors.  I like glass doors, but I can already see mine looking messy.  But you know, I am kind of distracted by the pie.  Did you honestly make a pie with a lattice top crust???  

  7. Oh wow!! What an AMAZING find!! It looks like it’s in amazing condition! And even from the pictures it just looks amazing in your kitchen – I can imagine in real life it’s even much MORE so! Wow, I can imagine you break into a smile every time you see it. I know I would. 🙂 Yay for yard sales and bargain shopping!!

  8. what a find! love it. my mom has a “pie safe” that she’s had for years…she painted it white a few years ago and now uses it in her bedroom like an extra dresser! oh, the possibilities, right! ;)i wanna yard sale w/ you someday.and that pie?mmm. yes, please!! 🙂 

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