Thursday August 25, 2011

on options:

would you consider english muffins, cereal, waffles, or zucchini bread to be a lot of options for ones breakfast choice?
yeah, that’s what i think too.
tomorrow morning when the troops are rallied and raving hungry, it’s gonna be:
‘grubs on; take it or leave it’.


on errands:

if we only have eaten corn on the cob 3 times this summer, does that make me a bad mom, or a ‘forget it, i’m sick of running errands’ mother with toddlers?
yep, the second option sounds a lot better to me too.

on furniture:

if thee perfect piece of furniture presented itself to you at a yard sale, and you were totally smitten, and your husband told you to go back and get it, would you?
that’s a no-brainer.
and, a story for another time.


good things in this week have been:

**meeting a  dear, dear friend from faraway at Starbucks for coffee, and then Olive Garden for lunch…. even though we were together from 10:30 to 2:30, it felt like we barely scratched the surface of all that could be talked about. it made my month tho’ and left me filled with both delicious coffee, soup, bread sticks, salad and: soul food

**spending a day with a friend and former neighbor…watching our kids play, discussing the issues of life that surround us with our husbands in leadership…

**my kids playing well together…

**clean living room windows and mini blinds!!!

**crisp mornings and cool evenings…

**spending an evening around the fire as a family…

**open windows and screen doors…

**two words: “I’m sorry”…

**walking with a friend and neighbor in the calm of the early morning…this has been a hearts cry for me for some time now, and the void even our one morning together has filled is incredible to me.

**warm, summer rains…

**listening to 80 year old members of our church speak of God’s faithfulness…

**relishing these last days and moments of summer vacation…

wishing you and those you love a great last weekend in August, and if your children are going back to school on Monday, may you savor these last moments together!!



13 thoughts on “Thursday August 25, 2011

  1. We’re all coming over for breakfast at your place…say 7-ish?Corn. In the last 5 weeks we have sold almost 5,000 dozen. (give or take a few) However, we have eaten corn only about 4 times this year! Haha.Enjoy your weekend! =) I’ll be selling corn!!! 

  2. oh Rachel i always love your posts. full of so much goodnes, i always feel like i’m always soaking in a bit of my own ‘soul to soul’ time when i’m reading it. thanks so much for being open and honest and so lovely in what you share and write. its alway slike i’m sitting across the table and we’re chatting…so beautiful that you were able to have all these beautiful moments, but my favourite ones were your journeys with friends in the past several weeks…sounds like God’s had some beautiful people reintegrated into your life as well as those morning walks together in fellowship with another woman… so wonderful, ‘m sure that its like food for your soul!i adore corn. we’ve only had it twice this year and once  because our neighbors bought it for us πŸ˜‰ however when i think of Elizabeth selling all that corner i think that i might be okay with bypassing it after seeing so much day after day…but it looks like the kids are loving the whole process…it is a delightful food that i miss in the winter time ;)look forward to hearing the story of the found treasurre that you fell in love with and your hubby had a part in ‘bringing home’…you find such beautiful timeless things

  3. @mytoesareblue – your comments are always so sweet…thank you so much for the kind, and beautiful gift of these words.and, you know? after i wrote all these good things, i was thanking the Lord for all the friend moments that have been so much a good thing in this week…His blessings are so many, if we just take the time to see them!!have a lovely weekend!♥~

  4. I have my own garden of corn, we’ve only eaten from it 3 times. hahhaaa ..and not b/c it didn’t produce, I just let everyone else have it. πŸ™‚  Ahh, glad to hear you had great friend moments, because last week was a pure struggle for me. Not b/c of our house situation, but b/c I was longing for just one friend to belong to last week. But as Francis Chan says,  Having faith often means what others see as crazy. Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.  So I believe our faith has shaken some ppl to the core, which is ok. πŸ™‚   I will still love with the fiercest love.Wonderful post, my sweet friend. Love how you mentioned the 80 yr. speak on God’s faithfulness, last night our family sat around with a 65+ yr old couple listening to their spiritual journey, praying together….our kids loved it. It was like balm to the soul…I hope you post soon about the treasure you found..Praying you have a wonderful weekend. 

  5. @grace_to_be – it sounded funny because you said they groan when they see an ear. Well, they probably see lots of ears. HAHA. Love the post. Some friends of ours moved to South Dakota about a month ago and she said they’re already sick of corn.  :DWe’ve been in school for two weeks already. I’m glad you got to fill up on soul food! Such an important thing!

  6. Mmmm, what a feeling of happiness and rest this post exudes. I love it! There is something about pictures of smiling children that make it feel as though all is right with the world…

  7. Loved this post!  (Do I always write that as my first line after I read your posts?)I love how you are finding the things to be joyful in and how you are pursuing friendships in a more “aggressive” way, as I know this is a heart cry of yours.Cute!! pics too!

  8. “Grubs on take it or leave it!”.  HA!  I’m going to start every meal that way from now on :)I can’t wait to hear the “furniture story”, does it come with pictures?!You cleans the window AND the mini-blinds?  You’re supposed to clean those things?  Warm summer rains… that sounds so unbelievable romantic!  We are so brown and parched right now.  Harvest is starting so the valley will be engulfed in dust for the next month. Have a wonderful weekend Rachel!!  {hugs}

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