Monday August 22, 2011

mega picture post follows here folks….
this little post is going to be something out of the ordinary for me, because you see, i am Not an impulsive or spontaneous person.
no way, no how.
except, somewhere, someplace within, there resides one spontaneous bone or nerve, or muscle or something like that, because on Saturday, it kicked into high gear and overrode the rest of my being.
i’m actually blaming it on the newspaper.
on Friday morning when i opened the paper? there on the front page of the local section, was a whole article about an event that for some crazy reason appealed to my being.
oh, and did i mention i’m not one given to adventure along with the lack of spontaneity and impulse?
yeah, add that in.
but….when i read about the Airshow at the local airport not 10 minutes from my house, i knew, just knew that this would be an adventure that would be worth the effort.
i thought it would be so fun to ask one of my friends and her kids to go along…
but, she wasn’t available…and probably was quite shocked at such a proposition coming from me to begin with..
and, then i asked another friend, and once again, no go.
i hauled out the can of energy that had been on the back burner, and fired ‘er up.
big time.
took my kiddos by my lonesome and we spent the better part of our Saturday taking in the sights and sounds, all that surrounds an Airshow…..

IMG_3380 (533x800) IMG_3379 (533x800) IMG_3371 (800x539) IMG_3370 (800x601)

IMG_3382 (800x533) 

after waiting for a Long time to get into the airport grounds, we paid our dues and set out.
it was honestly the best 5 bucks i’ve spent in a very long time.

IMG_3386 (800x533) IMG_3383 (800x533) IMG_3384 (800x522)

IMG_3387 (800x533) 

^^dog tags being made for a small fortune..

IMG_3389 (800x533) IMG_3390 (800x533) IMG_3391 (533x800) IMG_3392 (800x533) IMG_3393 (800x533) 

^^despite this look of disgust, someone actually really was into this display..


IMG_3395 (800x533) IMG_3398 (533x800) IMG_3400 (800x533) 

^^now we’re talking..

IMG_3407 (800x533) IMG_3412 (800x533) IMG_3401 (800x533) IMG_3413 (533x800) IMG_3415 (533x800) IMG_3416 (534x800) IMG_3417 (533x800) IMG_3418 (800x533) IMG_3425 (800x533) IMG_3430 (533x800) IMG_3429 (533x800) IMG_3426 (800x513) IMG_3436 (800x533) IMG_3437 (800x533) IMG_3442 (800x533) IMG_3444 (533x800) IMG_3445 (800x533) IMG_3448 (800x533)  

IMG_3454 (800x533) IMG_3471 (800x533) IMG_3470 (800x474) IMG_3476 (533x800) IMG_3477 (800x533) IMG_3487 (533x800) IMG_3494 (800x533)

^^these planes? were so colorful, and wow! were those old war planes loud!

 IMG_3496 (800x533) IMG_3490 (800x533)

IMG_3499 (533x800) 

^^ only one trip to the porta pots? miracles do still happen!!

 IMG_3500 (800x533) IMG_3502 (800x533)

 dippin’ dots ice cream? something we all love? not so much. it was called ‘this concession stand has the shortest line, kids, let’s get this!’

IMG_3504 (533x800) IMG_3507 (533x800) IMG_3508 (533x800) IMG_3511 (800x533) IMG_3512 (800x533) 

^^some of my favorite pictures are the ones i take from the hip…

  IMG_3519 (533x800)  

^^weary and worn out..

the weather was gorgeous, albeit hot…and seriously, we could not have asked for a better day to be outside taking in such an event.
the thrill of those powerful sounding engines…
the rush of watching them perform for the crowd stunts that seem totally crazy…
the prestigious air about all those men in their uniforms and helmets…
yeah, it was all ‘Top Gun’ like.
especially for this ol girl who had never experienced an Airshow before.
the kids enjoyed it, but especially Seth.
when i say there were throngs of people there? i’m talking an anticipated 10,000 people.
for this ol’ girl who doesn’t thrive in or on big crowds?
that was a lot.
not to mention that i’ve only just in the last week started to be back more to my old self…and, taking the kids for day long adventures alone is not too high on my list of most fun things to do….
but, i’d do it again in a heartbeat.

and, all happy endings are made happier with Sonic….

IMG_3521 (800x533) IMG_3520 (800x533) IMG_3524 (800x533)

i know.
they should use me to do advertising…

next year? i expect we’ll be going back and Daddy will be with us then….cuz you see, we’ll be planning on it instead of acting on impulse!

but, seriously? the impulse being that had inhabited my body turned out to be a good thing on this day…a very, very good thing.
happy Monday, all!


15 thoughts on “Monday August 22, 2011

  1. Rachel you win the “coolest mom” prize!  There’s no such thing, but if there were, you would totally get it πŸ™‚  They will never forget that day.  Beautiful pictures too!  I particularly liked the one of the colorful war planes flying in formation. 

  2. @inanorchard – ha! i would definitely NOT win any such prize if it did exist. way too many times during even this excursion, i could have been heard muttering under my breath at things like their Constant wanting a drink or snack, or their complaining about how Hot they were early in the day…but, those things? somehow my kids overlook and i’m left a stupid pile of unfit mother..and yet? i get the privilege to try again and again….no siree. coolest mom i am not, but, i’m thankful for the chance to try and do something decent. and the memories made on that day? yep. they will last a long, long time.

  3. Great adventure!  You are brave, and I am sure they will remember it a long time.  My boys talk of an airshow we went to when they were young.  The sites do outweigh the crowds and heat, but those are definitely there.  Fun to see the kids in the various vehicles.  My favorite is always seeing the planes flying.

  4. Good for you!! Altho I hate airshows because of the noise…its uncalled for LOUD, but the men in our household think its just marvelous. Otherwise I enjoy it, esp. the way an aircraft is made. It ‘behooves’ me how a human had the intelligence to think of and design something of this magnitude!  Proud of you, my friend!

  5. Serious Cool Mom points going on here! We heard about this all of 2 days ahead and talked about going but the ‘to-do’ list won out in the end. We did have to run outside and check on the roaring periodically though. So next time you’re calling people to go with you try my #. Don’t think I would have walked into that crowd alone. I had no idea it was such a big deal. And I am definitely gonna have to perfect my ‘shots taken from the hip skills.’ ;o)

  6. Good for you that you did something on impulse. I am like you, I am a planner so doing something that big on impulse probably wouldn’t happen with me either. Although since the kids are getting older and easier to tote around, I would be more likely to follow an impulse. The airshow looks really cool, btw!!

  7. Good for you! Was this the airshow in Lititz? I bet your boys will remember it for a very loooong time!  I would not have guessed that about you, that you are not spontaneous. 

  8. I love spontaneity!  It doesn’t come out very often for me b/c my schedule is too full, but it’s fun when it does πŸ™‚  As for only one trip to the porta potties…good for you!  Maybe it was b/c your kids didn’t like them after they tried them the first time πŸ˜› 

  9. i came here to try to catch up and also to say, how ya feeling by now rachel? and whoa. okay. she must be fiiiiiine already. that or nuts. maybe both. πŸ˜‰ then i thought oh! she went to the mission aviation fest!!! oh wait. not with all those bullets!glad for your good time, and that you shared it with us! we love air shows *just call me subtle* so maybe we’ll meet ya there next year…?!

  10. @down_onthefarm – lol!! yeah, probably, definitely both nuts and better. and, nope, not a mission fest!! very keen observer you are tho’!! and you like airshows, now that you mention it, does ring a bell…hmm….yes, my kids would enjoy ‘that boy and that girl’ you have…as they refer to them now. ;O)thanks for asking, caring, saying something on here!sleep tight, my friend!

  11. Wow, what a neat day! I kept thinking how BRAVE you were to go by yourself (especially after your surgery and recovery) with no husband or friend! But how special that must have been to your children! They’ll probably remember that forever! I remember going to a very similar event when I was just a little squirt, and I can still remember it so vividly. It made such an impression. πŸ™‚ And laughing at downonthefarm’s comment. She’s just so funny. πŸ˜‰

  12. Oh, my friend….If my crew were just a little older, I would have LOVED to have gone with you!!! (But you sure had a lot less stress than if we would have!).You truly inspire me, just loading up like that and going…and giving your children such special memories.My favorite picture was towards the end…the ‘old’ Veteran in front of the old war place…Thank you so much for this morning! Sorry I was so chatty. I won’t always be that early! πŸ˜‰ See you at 5:15!

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