Monday July 25, 2011




finally, finally we have taken our little family to the sea!!

IMG_2789 (800x533) 

for the first time in close to 4 years, we made the 3 hour trek to the Delaware seashore.

IMG_2755 (800x533) 

it was always a ‘want to’, but just never seemed to turn into a ‘got to’ the last few years. before this dry spell? we were down at the shore every year, and most years multiple times. but, then things like…..LIFE happen, and you don’t get to do all the things you want to do.

IMG_2776 (533x800) 

and, even on this seashore excursion, we had to give up our original plan of going for a weekend…

IMG_2757 (800x546) 

but, it was really, really okay.

IMG_2768 (800x533) 

we had the BEST of days and the kids were so very excited and anxious to enjoy the beach…so excited in fact that they were awake at 5:30am!!!

IMG_2837 (533x800) 

sigh….i do seem to have been blessed with consistent early risers…but 5:30 is a leeeetle too much….

IMG_2841 (800x533) 

i know, i know. you’re all thinking, they slept on the way there, right?

IMG_2852 (800x533) 


between the three of them? on the way there AND back? i think we may have logged 1 hour of sleep. ALTOGETHER!!!

IMG_2918 (533x800) 

oh well.

our plan to leave at 6am was nearly carried out, but it was worth leaving a tad later than we planned because we got in on this….

IMG_2709 (533x800) 

IMG_2711 (533x800) 

IMG_2714 (533x800) 

IMG_2718 (533x800) 

IMG_2720 (800x533) 

IMG_2726 (533x800) 

i’m pretty sure this is the closest we’ve ever been to a hot air balloon, and it was very, very impressive. Great start to the day.  

IMG_2809 (533x800) 

IMG_2928 (800x533) 

getting to the beach by 10 o’clock in the morning is THEE way to go.

had our pick of spots and parked it close enough to the water that the kids could enjoy that.

IMG_2886 (800x533) 

IMG_2893 (800x533) 

IMG_2894 (533x800)

it was a lovely, lovely day at the shore with hot sun, slight breeze and sunscreen slathered little people to watch have the best of times.

sadly, it came to an end sooner than we would have hoped when a thunderstorm rolled in around 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon…

so….we packed up and hit the road and sat.

in the car with about 3 million other cars that were also evacuated from the beaches….



but, thankfully, we were safe, and in reality, it didn’t take that long to get rolling along.

we had seen another beach on our way down that i knew to be a good one for shells and such, and we decided since we were ahead of schedule to check that out…

IMG_2949 (533x800) 

quite a  bit more secluded and Nobody around….

IMG_2934 (800x533) 

Lots of horseshoe crab shells and other neat treasures awaited us, and it was SO worth our time!

IMG_2939 (800x533)  

we’re already talking about going back and making a day of it there…if not this summer, then next.



IMG_2943 (533x800) 

and, then? on the way back out? what to behold but a field of billy goats.

IMG_2950 (800x533) 

i’m telling you, even tho’ i’m not fond of goats, it was a great beach because of the seclusion and quiet….

IMG_2947 (800x533) 

IMG_2940 (800x533)

IMG_2941 (800x533)

yeah, we’ll be back.

i can tell.

and, to end the day well, we grabbed food at where else of course, but the Golden Arches…

IMG_2973 (533x800) 

IMG_2953 (800x533) 

IMG_2957 (800x533) 

it was not the parents first choice, but…..’at’s okay too.

IMG_2924 (800x533) 

the only way we can do these kind of days away with three energetic kiddos is if the two of us are there….

by land or by sea.




17 thoughts on “Monday July 25, 2011

  1. oh my goodness…what a beautiful time. i have wanted to head to the lake here several times but its been sooo hot. and while i can swim i’m just not that fond of getting in too far. but i’d love to perhaps go with my friend who has kids…cause then there would be someone to watch enjoy the beach. the smiles on everyone’s faces at the end of the day…looks like it was worth it 😉

  2. Funny, i could just hear your voice talking as you narrated these pictures Makes me feel all happy inside that you had such a great time with your kiddos at the beach. Abbi is still longing to go…we hope to squeeze a day trip or two in yet this summer sometime…

  3. The water looks beautiful!  So much more clear than our murky, cold CA coastal water.  Loved all the pictures of your darlin’s playing on the beach 🙂   I’m kind of jealous that Thelma can hear your voice in her head when she reads your posts.  Isn’t it funny that as much as we know about each other, we don’t even know what th other persons voice sounds like 🙂  Blogging friendships are so strange and wonderful!

  4. What a day full of adventure.  So cool to start out with a BIG hot air balloon flying by…what a memory. Love beach days and the joy of kids. 

  5. Fun!  Early rising and beach days and sleeplessness?  Those seem to go together at our house, too. 🙂  I am still hoping to get to the beach this summer, but our days before Adam goes back to school are looking really numbered!  Bummer on the thunderstorm cutting things short!

  6. Cheers for a family getaway!! Double CHEERS for not just any getaway but a BEACH getaway!! Thrilled for you! We must get together again soon and then you can fill me in on the secrets of the treasure collecting beach, my little pack-rats would love that!!

  7. Oh how fun, how fun!! There is something about days at the seashore that make them the very best kind, both for children AND their parents!Awake at 5:30 am???? Are you kidding me?? They must have been super excited. :)Love all your pictures. They are so sharp and full of great color and lovely details. I love all the details about your photography! And… I kept looking for a picture of YOU, but there were non to be found! Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!♥

  8. Aw Rachel, i just popped on here for a minute and had to stop at your site…. did a quick run through of the last several posts of yours and inspired… as usual.  THis day looks like perfectness to me.  Your pictures and words were so much fun to look at. 

  9. Loved your pictures. The kids just look so calm and relaxed and like they were just having such fun at the beach.  Very happy for you guys that you got to have this day away!

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