Friday July 22, 2011

inspired by the lovely Shanda @purpleamethyst76, i offer my rendition of ‘this moment’….

green beans and little hands to help lighten the load…
my heart is grateful.
very grateful for moments such as this.



17 thoughts on “Friday July 22, 2011

  1. precious! seems like i just remember doing that same thing as a girl as my mom’s house… now it’s a whole new generation?! but what good memories you’re making!

  2. sweet picture. i’m here with my little guy & once we figured out that it was sky & not snow in the pictures on your last post he is now wanting to go back and look at the ‘mountain bridge’ pictures : )  he also saw april’s picture & said ‘oh that is auntie aprils ‘clob’ …. which i’m guessing is what he thinks a blog is – lol. i’ve also meant say your kids with the underwear on their heads was classic, just classic! happy weekend to you friend, you do a good job at making the most of moments.

  3. precious shot!…went down yesterday to pick up the mail at our old place.there on top of the stack was a return address i’ve come to know -and look forward to getting mail from!!! :)always just the sweetest. thoughtful. blessed by you. seriously. like a hug from HIM to me {through you}lovelovelove.

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