Friday July 8, 2011

i’m just gonna warn you, that these first photos are probably not the best things for small children to view.
’cause, if they are anything like my kiddo’s, they will shriek with laughter, and then run off to re-enact the pictures they are viewing.
and, some of you may not really want your Friday starting off like mine is.
but, it’s totally up to you.
i’m just warning ya.
‘at’s all.

it’s kinda like:
‘i ain’t seen London, i ain’t seen France,
but, boy we sure gots underpants.’

so, where they got this crazy idea, i really do not know.
but, it’s making them happy and, happy is good.
very good.


this past week has been…..

a long weekend with many projects and fun times with friends, capped off by a day off on Monday and time spent as a family?

always, always a good start to a week.
and, of course, a short week to boot.

fireworks with friends on Saturday night meant getting home at midnight.
hmm…where have i heard that word before today?

swimming with friends after church on Sunday.
very enjoyable times for all.

what you do while sitting around waiting for supper…
you climb trees or, you watch this video on YouTube on the ever handy iPhone.
and, you talk about other spoof videos that we all should see.
really, it was.
and, THEEE most hilarious moment of my Sunday occurred when my friend told me that she tried on my aviators to see what her husband thought of them.
and, his comment was ‘they go with her attitude, not yours’.
i was laughing my head off.
not really sure what that means, and i’m not gonna analyze it too much.

and, then, after eating way too much food (alldaylong!!!) you end the day with sparklers.
simple fun for little people.
good exercise for dads.
camera moments for moms.

and, Monday?
the last day of a long weekend?
totally perfect.
finishing up projects, picnic and swimming at a friends house who was outta town and let us use her very lovely facilities.

good times.
despite the look of sass on my daughters face.

and, i was super excited to spot the new resident in my friends fish pond! very cool to see this little guy.

^^sunset Sunday night at our friends very picturesque farm.


^^and, that’s all folks.

next week, i would like to come back with some Q & A.
but, i can’t think of any questions…
maybe you can help?

a lovely weekend to all!


22 thoughts on “Friday July 8, 2011

  1. Hey, there — Maybe I’m the first one to comment this time! Your July 4th sounds like lots of fun!  Yay for summer and friends and fireworks!And your kids with the underwear…too funny!  But GREAT shots to use to embarrass them at some future date…like their wedding reception!

  2. just where did those kids get that underpants idea? huh? huh? their faces look amazingly familiar. like i think i recently met their angelic twins.really.they look that much alike.and howabout that sass on ava’s face! is that the ‘tude that your friend’s husband was referring to? yeah. rachel’s daughter.  lovelovelove.

  3. Oh my goodness, your kids with the underwear are too cute!! At first I just thought they were dressing up pirate-like, but then I took a closer look and realized what the costumes were made of! Hilarious! Sure are cute little pirates! :)It sounds like you’ve had a busy week! Wow! But fun! That pool you were at is gorgeous! All that unique details is sooo pretty! What a kind friend you have to let you come and swim when she’s gone!!Wishing you a lovely weekend!♥

  4.  your kids are so cute Rachel! lol   I was thinking “ummm, they don’t have mommies lacy ones on?!”. 😉 eehmmm  Swimming was perfect for the weekend. Glad you have a wonderful July 4th, a little crazy mixed in makes it all very memorable….. Beautiful pictures!

  5. I have a feeling mommy may have had undies on her head at some point during the photosession too. 😉 You don’t have to admit it…. *LOL*CUTE, CUTE pictures!

  6. @fruitloops115 – Ok, I think I may have the answer.  Correct me if I am wrong, Rachel.  Ava’s head is actually through the waist area of that particular pair of panties, and then she is wearing an entirely different pair on top of her head!

  7. Oh, I smiled and smiled and snickered and smiled. So much fun and funniness!  Those crazy kiddos wear some of the cutest underwear.   And aviators go with your attitude, huh?  Good one.  I like a girl with some attitude …. and I can tell already that Ava inherited all those best genetics! And a friend who lets you use her pool …. she wouldn’t happen to have a twin in Virginia?

  8. Those undies and rhyme had a big smile on my face.  My boys used to do that too,and still call their each other “captain underpants”.  The little boy next door was trying to say the underpants rhyme to his sister recently, but didn’t get the rhyming connection and sang out, ” I see London, I see France, I see your underwear”.  OK, last underwear story, we have a lingerie store in town called I.C. London.  I thought that was very clever. Swimming, sparklers, fireworks, cute faces…looks like a great weekend!

  9. The first pictures are a crack up 🙂  What a perfect week!  You got some really good shots Rachel, I really liked the one of the frog, and the one of the boys with their heads together!  That is a precious picture!!Do you have aviator attitude??

  10. Too cute! My mom has a picture of my sisters and I with undies on our heads when we were little. Since she combed us in ponytails, we would stick them out the leg holes….and she let us play OUTSIDE like that. Granted, we lived down a long lane and didn’t have close neighbors! 

  11. 🙂 🙂  Ava is too cute in the first picture.  Hey, I was thinking about your sewing projects and wondering if your Etsy store is still going.  Did it do well for you?  Are you still sewing?

  12. oh my goodness rachel. what a busy weekend. i am particularly fond of the picture of your two boys on the stairs so near one another …sooo precious. the other pictures are so great though…such captures. i love the fireworks one and the sparklers..this year we forgot sparklers it was a very sad time when i realized that…but God willing there is always next year! looks like there was much great time spent with dear ones! thanks for sharing with us!

  13. fun pictures… sigh. you captured the essence and delight of summer SO WELL! and gotta love the underwear shots! especially the boy with pink ones on. maybe i should get laila to watch that then maybe she would have a desire to WEAR panties!! have a blessed day! i`d love to run into you again one day……………..

  14. Funny!  The underwear on the head is hilarious. My boys used to do that, but I haven’t had the girls do it…yet. We have those same Hello Kitty underwear too. Love the shot you took of the sun setting at the farm, so pretty.This post has summer written all over it!  I love it!

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