Tuesday June 28, 2011

the last while, i’ve been listening to more of the music i used to listen to than i have in a long time.
mostly, because it’s easier to just turn on Pandora and select a genre than to mess with the cd changer.
and, also because my kids are more ‘in’ to listening to music in the van than they used to be.
Mark Schultz energetically belting out his ‘Stories and Songs’ album and i’m crying like a baby.
while Mark Schultz has so much energy and upbeatness in a lot of his songs, the stories, the meanings, and the message of his music gets me every.single.time.
Geoff Moore songs take me back to my days in Kansas before we got married, and i’m power-walking on wide-open-spaces.
Michael W. Smith singing takes me back to Ohio and walking backroads that wind around familiar places of home.
Amy Grant crooning her album takes me back to Canada and sitting on a dear friends bed, contemplating the deeper meaning of the words of the ballads.
music has such a powerful pull on my heart and emotions in ways i don’t even fully understand.
i hear certain songs and i’m right back in that space in time…every emotion, every thought, every picture floods my mind and emotions and i’m sometimes overwhelmed.
when i listen to Kutlass and their song


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