Tuesday June 28, 2011

you may or may not see a picture similar to these elsewhere on xanga….
just saying.
however, some, but not all of these are edited.
and, the other one?
is not.
which is okay.
because to take a picture and Not edit it is more my goal than to take a picture and edit it to make it look better.
(i’ll stay off that soapbox for now.)
since purchasing my 50mm lens, i have made it more and more my goal to use my camera to it’s full extent.
i’m still learning and loving it. (thank you! for being willing to subject yourselves to my trials and errors, btw!!)
but, i will also say that i do recognize the value in enhancing a picture to bring out details, as is evidence in some of the following.

these little guys are hard at work in our needs-to-bee-mowed-lawn.

and, you must understand something about the significance of these pictures.

i took them myself.

and, that is noteworthy because, i am not fond of stinging insects.

at all.

what my day looks like?
cleaning, laundry, chasing kiddos, and making meals.
busy bee?
pretty much.
what’s going on in your day?


17 thoughts on “Tuesday June 28, 2011

  1. I am not fond of stinging insects either! Your pictures are great, though!Today I’m working, maybe I should say “working” as there’s been a good bit of xanga time in there . . . and then I’m going home to clean do supper and laundry and whatever the boys and I end up doing . . .

  2. Those are beautiful Rachel!  I especially like number four with all the green and white haze in the background and the bee in focus.  You can get on your soap box anytime πŸ™‚  My day?  I’m sitting at the computer trying to avoid cleaning out the pantry and making a shopping list πŸ˜‰

  3. cleaning, laundry, chasing kiddos, and making meals: I think you just summed up my life. πŸ™‚  Today was another allergy appointment for Liam, groceries, and a frantic trip home in an attempt to keep the ice cream semi-solid even though the air conditioner in the car doesn’t work right.  But yeah for no cooking b/c we’re going to get together with David’s family.  I am making / taking a humdinger of a chocolate cake that would make even a woman with the worst PMS smile.  And I’m not PMSing so I should be in ecstasy.  Happy Tuesday to you, my dear!

  4. ohhhhh, those pictures are amazing Rachel!! I don’t enjoy bee stings either, but they (the bee’s) are beautiful in their own fantastic way. =)editing pictures. i would LOVE to take pictures beautiful/clear enough that editing would not be needed, ever. (I don’t NEAR always) But…..I don’t ever see that happening unless I take class’ and spend another few grand. moanhad coffee break with a good friend of OURS yesterday, coffee with church ladies this morning and now another meeting tonight at Jitters coffee house. you would think I am coffee-ed out, I am not. =)

  5. The bee photos are spectacular.  Love them!  I’m busy buzzing around my laundry, kids, and kitchen today too.  (With a little late afternoon “morning” sickness mixed in.)

  6. Love the pictures – great aperture shots.  I think you should make these into a xanga blog skin – I totally would use it.  Busy as a Bee is so me right now!!  

  7. @seekinHISwisdom – is there such a thing as too much coffee? i think not. and friend of ours? my, you do make one curious!! ;O)@inanorchard – no, seriously, i should stay off the box. because i don’t really profess to ‘know’ these things…it’s just a strong opinion. =)@smilesbymiles – lol! your comment was just the icing on the cake. ;O)@TrentTribe – thanks for the comment and so sorry for the sickness…but all for a good cause, right?@rugbana – hmm…xanga skin? not sure where to go for starting that…can you direct me?@bethro78 – i know…i saw you over there in your office! =) 

  8. The bees and pics are great!  Love seeing them up close.  I had two sessions in our garden plot.  A lovely lunch and visit with my mom overlooking the ocean.  And now running around cleaning up for homegroup!

  9. I went “antique-ing” at the flea market today with 5 kids and then straight to the park for a picnic, the library..and then the bees started humming when we hit the home turf!! Kids don’t care for it at all, mowing, weeding, trimming… Shandon and Brockton both had baseball games tonight and both won!  Good night, I am ker-plunked πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love how you captured those little bees in motion! Way to go with that 50mm! Isn’t it amazing how a new lens can make photography so much better?!

  11. I’m just getting back into things and trying to do some blog catch-up.  It’s amazing how much news you miss out on when you’re only gone for a month!  way to go on those pics, they look awesome!  As for my day it consisted for getting up but then going back to bed for an hour or two since I was still so tired and out of energy.  Got up for good about 9, took horse camp pictures all morning, edited all afternoon, and went to church this evening πŸ˜‰

  12. rachel? soapbox-ing? oh come on. you can do that here! we are all friends and wouldn’t mind! i’m just thinking that i can take some pretty good guesses ’bout what you might say! and that i’d be nodding my head in agreement.this girl here would love to learn HOW to run a camera. someday. but for now i edit occasionally to RESCUE πŸ™‚ until i get an equipment upgrade!

  13. So I’ve missed a couple of your posts! I’m all caught up now. =)Great, great job on the photos!  They look wonderful.  If you are anything like my sister….who is deathly afraid of bees!….I am proud of you for getting close enough to capture one! =)

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