Thursday June 23, 2011

inspired and challenged by seedsower and her Summer Theme posting…
i offer a glimpse into our summer thus far……..

sidewalk chalking.

freezer pops.

pool time in the afternoons.

brass band concerts a cousin performed in, and little ones inquisitively checking out the euphonium.

resting on a blanket in the shade.


historic buildings appreciated in all their summertime glory.

super cool dude in shades.

playing at the park.

running water from the hose.

and, the fountain.
i just do not tire of the fountain.
what bliss, what joy!


14 thoughts on “Thursday June 23, 2011

  1. Ahhhh, summer. I love your picture of the fountain….the way the water is falling down.Your kids swimming looks like so much fun! I just love summer photos.We haven’t had much summer weather….it was hot for a couple of days. It has mostly been raining and in the low 70’s.Today was only 63!  Hopefully it will warm up soon.

  2. Your summer looks perfect!  Love the super cool dude in the super cool shades πŸ™‚  More amazing water shots too… I never get tired of seeing your lovely fountain Rachel!  Hey, I wanted to say I’m really proud of you for pursuing your photography more seriously.  You are naturally gifted and can’t wait to see where you will take that gift πŸ™‚

  3. Great shots of summer.  The children just bring me back to the joy of being small and eating a Popsicle, going swimming, playing.  Love the trickling fountain…

  4. Such lovely pictures! I WISH it were hot enough here to FEEL like summer. I am bummed about this right now and cannot help commenting about it. I feel like I am being cheated.That picture of Ava lying on the blanket. So pretty. And that dress she is wearing looks super cute!

  5. There is so much happiness in summer!  It makes me feel happy just looking at these pictures and I didn’t even get to play in the water!Love those last two water shots so much!

  6. hey there pretty lady. It made me smile to see you drive by this morningFun summer time pics. I am wondering what pool you take your kids to?  Or maybe you have an inground that I know nothing about?

  7. @fruitloops115 – you know, it was GOOD to see you too, and to see you out walking and honestly? my first thought was ‘she looks really good!’ i hope you are doing well….the pool i go to? nope. not in my backyard. a friend’s. we have the best of times there. the best. have a good weekend Thelma!!

  8. I just wanted to grab that hose and take a big ole’ slurp.Oh….that’s right.I’ve learned that’s not politically correct.But who has the time to run inside to get a drink?

  9. I’ve not been on xanga  alot but i’ve been missing YOU and so this morning me with my cup of coffee just had a refreshing time “catching up” with you and your dear family.  So much i could comment on….  i’ll just say though, i love your heart and the way you love life and bring beauty to the world around you.  I’m in awe. Really.   Your summer pictures make me a bit jealous though… this summer has been good but “different” for me and i miss those more carefree days and just doing fun things with the boys.  But i know too that those days will return and i want to enjoy this stage of my life too.   I’m pretty sure though it would do my heart so much good to come sit @ the fountain with you by the light of the moon…. and just chat.  love you girl.

  10. Oooh, so much fun and carefree and lovely! I’ve had a summertime post running around in my head too! There is just something so wonderful about summertime, and you capture the moments and pictures so well!Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  11. I’d love to have summer all year long…o but i like fall and spring too, not so much winter.  Again, lovely pics…Gotta tell ya a Ernesto move:  So Sat eve we spent the night watching horse races, remember Cinda, my flower girl at the wedding? She turns 16 tomorrow and she races, isn’t that cool?  Anyway so after her race she wanted a ride to the area vball game, so I volunteered. It was a maze trying to find….so on the way back I text Big E: I am lost. To which he responds: place an ad in the paper someone will find you.    Bahhahaa Feel the love? πŸ™‚  Of course he was sittin in a crowd and everyone knew so when I joined….welll, anyway I love that man! πŸ™‚   We are loving our summer-night-outings! We pray that also includes a weekend in PA!

  12. wow those photos are great…but i’m not surprised, your photos are always stellar! i adore the one with your beautiful fountain in it! so glad that you are getting so much joy out of it. i think i figured out which one of your pictures was in the water competition but i’ll just wait until the winners are revealed! looks like a great time so far…the one of your littlest man in the middle of the tiny pool was amazing…i giggled a bit πŸ˜‰

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