Wednesday May 4, 2011

right now, i should be doing a lot of things.
like putting away groceries or laundry.
i should be washing my kitchen floor.
i should be baking cookies for cell group tomorrow night.
i could be cleaning up my neglected bathroom.
i could be mowing the grass.
i should be deciding on what type of flowers to buy for the ladies at our church for this Sunday.
after a morning of trying to visit with a friend while our children were all a clingy, whiny, and hungry mess, and after trying to purchase groceries with kids in said such state….my gumption is depleted.
i have decided instead to make one of my amazing Cherry Limeade’s, scroll through some pictures, and catch up online.
i’ll have plenty of time later today to work on my ‘chores’. my husband will be working late, and somehow, on those days, i always end up having more time for chores.

chores, schmores.

that’s what i said on Saturday too.
me, the girl who packs more things into one Saturday of the hubster home, than i should for the week.

me, the girl who takes nary a day a year away for herself.
me, the girl who is slowly, inquisitively learning from a friend, new ways on how to be a friend.


for my birthday last fall, Lor gave me a handcrafted gift certificate to take me to Longwood Gardens for the day.
and, Saturday, was the day.
and, what a gloriously beautiful day it was.


made-to-order pretty.


beings we are in the middle of a major backyard project of replacing our over-grown hedgerow with a privacy fence, and since that will give me more flowerbed space, i was super excited about the prospect of getting some new ideas for design and new ideas of different plants to add to my collection.

i came away with both.

and, i came away refreshed and rested.

even tho’ we walked all day long, and even tho’ i was sore the next day, i was rested.

rested inside because of the being surrounded by God’s beautiful creations combined with man’s ingenuity.

if you are at all a fan of gardening, or just enjoy the beauty of God’s creation out-of-doors, you really should make Longwood one of your must-see places. i’ve been there several times, but the last time i was there, was not so great…..i got SICK out of nowhere, and ended up leaving the group i was with and being taken home.
it was good to be there and ENJOY it this time.


and, while i’m on ‘random’….
a few things that i’ve either found thought provoking, or was provoked to think….

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~Anais Nin


i think that as we engage and participate in the activities and events involved in praying for our hurting brothers and sisters, we feel their pains and hear their hearts in ways that otherwise we would not.
and, as we feel those pains and hear those hearts, it softens our hearts.
it draws us toward our God not only on their behalf, but it softens our hearts toward other people who find themselves in similar situations.

it softens our hearts and brings to the surface our own pains and needs, and we find ourselves being drawn to new and healing pieces of the heart of God that we have not experienced before.
it builds our faith as we join together in prayer for a common cause.
it draws us in, makes us a part of the story.
even if it doesn’t turn out how we pray it will.
even if it goes otherwise, it impacts us in ways that we remember.

praying for someone can impact us so that we share with future generations what God did in our lives through the situation we prayed for.
it impacts us and calls us to something more.
something higher…




30 thoughts on “Wednesday May 4, 2011

  1. A post from Clarita and a post from Rachel all in one glorious day!  I feel like I’ve won the blogging lottery (there’s no such thing as a blogging lottery)!  I’m so pleased you were able to get away for the day with a sweet friend and enjoy doing the things you love best.  Those pictures of you are beautiful.  I think that might be because you are beautiful (that’s my theory).  I’m always impressed with how you use your words and pictures to express your heart.  It’s a very unique and effective way to communicate because it gets me on every level.  Picture 14 is perfect!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful!!! Wow. I’m so amazed at that last shot. It’s just really cool to see that water shooting up so high. Never heard of Longwood before, so maybe someday….. 

  3. I really loved your thoughts on prayer! Love your photos too….those hanging baskets are amazing!!!  What a beautiful and soothing day it must’ve been!

  4. @clearlyhis – Carmen, you would LOVE the place. and, those hanging baskets…i could not get over their enormity. sooo gorgeous!@inanorchard – thanks, April. it was a great belated Bday present..and, i forgot to mention, that when she came to pick me up, she brought me a bouquet of peony’ of my favs! saw sweet peas there and thought of you!=)@MartinTreehouse – yep, if you’re in the Philadelphia area sometime, take the time to find it. definitely worth the time!

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful!!!  You and the gardens.Your post made me want to plant flowers. We are going to try to go to an arboretum/botanical garden near our house on Friday…hopefully it works out. Our weather hasn’t been that great this spring. I wish I lived close to the place you visited, I would go!You are right, the chores can wait…they will always be there!Love all the thoughts you shared at the end of your post too.Have a great day!!! =)

  6. What a lovely place to spend a day with a friend! I was there once several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! The only downside of going there is feeling like my thumb is dark brown instead of green! πŸ™‚

  7. oh wow!  Those hydrangeas are so beautiful and gardens are absolutely gorgeous as well as you!  And   Love your words near the end as well as  the quote

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Those hanging hydrangeas are unbelieveably beautiful!! I’ve never seen anything like it! And the fern fronds… just LOVE them! I think they look so fairy-like, and you captured them beautifully on camera! I haven’t been at Longwood Gardens in years, but the times I was there made it feel as though the Garden of Eden had returned to earth. πŸ™‚ I can only begin to imagine the ideas you came away with!!Love the pictures of you too. So beautiful, so happy, and I love your smile!Oh, and I’ll take a cherry limeade, please.  LOVE those drinks!

  9. rachel, you are ever so lovely! that last picture… wow. it “screams” GOD. i just sat in wonder at the awesomeness i felt from it. i especially wanted to comment on your lace scarf. πŸ™‚ i love the way you are wearing it. i was at a classy friend`s garage sale yesterday, and she had one very much like yours that she SOLD! yes. well, i bought it of course, it was marked “new” and $3. when i paid for it, she said, “Jenny i`m really surprised you are buying this? i don`t really like it. i have no idea what to do with it.”i said, “hello? these are very in! maurice`s sells them (for 29.00).”she said, “well, i`m happy you like it.” well, i took it home and was more glum… THEN a few hours later i checked your blog… and now… (THANKS TO YOU) i love my choice of scarf again after all. thanks for the inspiration. i may send her a link to your blog and tell her “I TOLD YOU SO!” πŸ™‚

  10. first off~ you are beautiful! that shot of you is just so pretty.. love your scarf and belt. all the shots look like postcards. and those hanging hydrangea baskets are incredible! so happy for you to have had this time. what a sweet friend~and prayer. yes. *sigh* how i want to be a woman of prayer…so true that it draws our heart to those we pray for. so much power there we never even tap into.wonderful thoughts for me this girl is head butting my leg. i think that means i’m to pick her up. πŸ™‚ better scoot. love ya

  11. I have been wanting to go to a flower garden of some sort for a long, long time.  Walking through there with you, in this post, was great. The beauty is so awe inspiring.  But I really wish I could be there myself. I feel like my soul needs a dose of beautiful.So glad for your (relatively) new friendship. Isn’t that such a blessing?Loved your thoughts on prayer. I agree with what you wrote, but wouldn’t have been able to put it quite so well.

  12. i saw made- to- order pretty…the preacher’s wife that is! πŸ™‚ oh! certainly the flowers too. and gasp. your photography. you always see what i fail to notice. i cannot hear anything about longwood gardens without remembering the last time i was was a looooong time ago. because i know that my brother and i were spanked on that day. undeservingly *cough* of course. that IS how i remember it…so surely that’s the truth, eh?!i love that quote and your thought stirring… thoughts. :)happy mother’s day rachel. i love you.

  13. Wow, so gorgeous!!!!  The last two pictures are breathtaking.  Did you feel like you were dreaming when you walked through the Hall of the Hydrangeas?  I like that you include pictures of yourself in your posts. πŸ™‚

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