Thursday April 28, 2011

we took a moment.
and, made a memory.

we made the ordinary, out-of-the-ordinary.

(wearing a tu-tu to fold laundry)

and, we called it good.


18 thoughts on “Thursday April 28, 2011

  1. LOL I guess I need me a tutu now, for my laundry days. hee hee. Couldn’t resist. downonthefarm started it!It’s nice when you look at ordinary days through the perspective of “out of the ordinary”. Good times!

  2.  she does make it look fun! and i just thought maybe she was emulating her momma. i’ll bet the pastor will be loving laundry days…you know. if ya start the tutu thing for yourself! teehee.i better go now and grab another cup of coffee before i write ANYmore.

  3. Loved this ” we took a moment and, made a memory”  So very sweet…and folding clothes with me is one of my fav times with my Aves – she loves folding laundry.  It is some of our best time together.

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