Tuesday April 26, 2011

…thinking of someday, when i have more time, (i know. relative term) pursuing becoming a Master Gardener….
 and i Dream.

basking in the sunshine of this warm day…
and i Enjoy.

having a sweet neighbor and friend bring me supper out-of-the-blue…
and i give Thanks.

recounting the good times had over our long Easter weekend…
and i Cherish.



knowing that my sister and her family are making plans to come and visit in the near future…
 and i Hope.  


seeing my kiddos enjoy baby chicks that we were ‘chick-sitting’…
and, i Remember.


dressing up for the celebration of the Resurrection…
and, i am Blessed.

so, so many good things in life.
what’s on your days good things list?


13 thoughts on “Tuesday April 26, 2011

  1. Pretty high on my “good days list” is… posts by Rachel 🙂  I’m not joking.  Looks like you had a little bit of a spring drizzle this Easter.  Your table was full of springtime goodness, I love all the attention to details.  The kiddos looks so spiffy in their Easter finery 🙂

  2. Your Easter table is gorgeous and so inviting. Any day that sisters are making plans to visit is an event that rushes straight to the top of the list…hoping for you that God makes those plans a reality!

  3. right at this moment? it would be brent’s little face in that last picture! oh and the other one of him crouching to get an egg. he looks so intent.and…cup-a-lemon tea, bedtimes ~theirs! and soon! mine. but the best part? not yet.  i’ll add more to my list when i’m awake. seriously. i agree with april. i love when you post!

  4. whaaat? you mean…? because of that little stinker’s cute face? i soooo relate to those kind of expressions in lovely photos. so i can’t even help myself. when someone else’s kids are just as ummmm cooperative. and adorable. did you hear adorable? because i did say it.

  5. @down_onthefarm – no no no. because of the ‘best part? not yet’ lines. but, little Brent, and his whole whatever face thing going on…he’s a stinker to the max. but, even i think it’s cute. altho’ mildly annoying that in most of his pictures these days he does just that…oh well. his personality is so great, i can totally overlook it.k. off to bed and sweet dreams. love!

  6. Your daughter looks like she has grown or something. Can’t put my finger on it, but she seems bigger. 🙂 It looks like you hosted an amazing Easter dinner! What a gorgeous table!!

  7. Good things in my day…having time to catch up on blogs while my daughter is watching “Strawberry Shortcake.”Loved your pictures! They are breath taking. Loved the way you did this post.  Love your heart…Happy day to you!

  8. i’m amazed how all those cousins look alike!! (or i’m assuming they’re cousins : ) such pretty pictures – creative people are inspiring. happy day to you too ~

  9. I am in awe of your Easter/Spring table… Absolutely breathtaking! And your pictures are so stunning and sharp! I loved seeing the happy/excited little faces on this post with that egg hunt. Precious!And YOU, my friend, are so beautiful!

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