Thursday April 21, 2011

just when you think you’ve had all that you can take, you realize that faith has brought you to this point.

and, you realize that it’s only through facing the ‘hard’ things in life that your faith is tested and brought to light.

you recognize that if life would always go like we think it should and how we want it to, faith would have no place in our lives.

if we could rely on ourselves and our abilities, we would have no need of seeing that life is so much more than what we think it seems like now.

if we would never see miracles happen, if we would never see lives changed by the power of His odds-overcoming Greatness, we would be fully self sufficient.

we would be strong, we would be all we’d ever need.
yet how often is it not true that in our greatest moments of weakness, He is made strong.

and, in our being but a moment, we recognize that He is eternal.

new beginnings are hard.
out of the ashes is dirty, lowly, ugly.
but, only by the dying can we become new.
only by the death of the self can the New Man come in and live.
only by the season of cold, the season of dormancy, the season of struggling to break out of the old do we come to the new season of life and new chances.

the season of a clean slate.
the season of realizing that God is still in control, that God is still moving, that God still works on our behalf even in the times we see as hard and painful.
when the lens focus changes back to seeing thru eyes of eternal Hope, you see His goodness.
you see Him work miracles for others.

you see how very much even the little, the seemingly insignificant is part of the Master Plan
you see others pain as a response to a deep need.
you see that your own responses to lifes hard things can either make or break you.
and, you realize that God’s saying:
I, who am eternal, will be your strength in the (momentary)weakness.


this morning, i sit in *my* spot in my living room…my spot where the light streams in thru all the many windows, my spot where the chair is plushy and the side table holds the steaming coffee.
i sit here and watch my firstborn read a ‘chapter book’.
gone are the days of being content with the likes of ‘The Cat in the Hat’.
we have crossed over into the world of books with chapters.
so soon?
how, when it feels like yesterday i was reading and re-reading the same little baby books to him and he was snuggled in my lap.
how, did we go from the days of ‘he’s got his first 2 teeth’ to the days of ‘i have 3 adult teeth!’ just like that?

(^^my child who has inherited his mothers tendency toward splitting headaches)

he’s home from school for the long weekend and i’m so very glad.
he’s gone through his bag of loot from the big Easter party they had in his class yesterday and slobbered as he thought of if and when he will get to devour yet another piece of candy.
i’m tempted to let him at it…but, i think better.
we’ve got the whole weekend plus Monday ahead of us, and i know we’ll run out of things to do.
possibly even today.
but, for now, i’m excited about the prospects.
even though each season brings fun things, each season is worth the change, i do wish i would have purposed to enjoy more of the days and years when we were all at home.
i wish i would have slowed down and focused more on making memories than i did on making beds and cleaning.
so, today, this first day of the holiday weekend, i’m going to (try, very hard)
make all the moments meaningful.

(^^working on things for our Easter table)



17 thoughts on “Thursday April 21, 2011

  1. “Making memories instead of making beds”…..Yes! That is exactly how I feel.Thank you for that reminder….and all the sweet encouragment throughout your post.Hope your little guy’s head feels better. Enjoy your long weekend. =)HaPpY Easter to you.

  2. As I read, I kept thinking of a quote I read somewhere that said “the journey is the goal”. I’m always wanting to get out of the present “hard thing” to what I see as being the goal instead of realizing that His goal is for me to see that HE IS ENOUGH! in every situation. Thanks for shining light on TRUTH~Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Such a beautiful post, Rachel.  Such awesome thoughts about life and about God.That whole “enjoying the moments” thing…it feels like it is so hard to grasp. Because the beds DO need to be made and the laundry and cooking done.  Yeah, we can look back and say we wish we would have spent more time, but wouldn’t we ALWAYS say that, no matter how much time we HAD spent.  But I totally get what you are saying. I just think that sometimes in hindsight we can be a little hard on ourselves.I have a long weekend with my kids too, and I think we are home all day tomorrow. With no computer or TV allowed, so I was thinking of what we could do together.  Play games, color, read, hang out, be outside. It should be fun. If this Mama can remember to “live in the moment” instead of going crazy!

  4. beautiful pictures and yes to the making memories bit. I’ve had more than one older woman tell me they wish they’d spent less time worried about their house and how together it was. That motivates me so much to take time to breath and enjoy the time with my kids…..the dirt will be there……..but the kids won’t always. 

  5. As always, beautiful pictures.  I have paused to think about you and pray for you countless times this past week.  I feel so mixed about this hard path you seem to be walking.  On one hand I hate to see a sweet friend have to experience pain in any form, but on the other hand I am in awe at the refining process He is putting you though.  Seeing His greatness pouring unhindered, through your life is an amazing thing to watch.  Enjoy making those memories~  love your Easter table decorations!

  6. Balancing life, treasuring the moments, a make-it or break-it response, our faith…….we had 2 unexpected deaths within 2 days of each other, plus other hurdles to face with families involved.  Life is painful, but is God only to be praised in the good times? I think not. We grieved deeply, our hearts beat with joy, and yet burst with grief. Sacrifical praise. Bits n’ pieces need to be picked up to move forward in this life, but we will praise Him and love Him more. Life needs to be put into perspective of importance. Thank you for your post, Rachel. 

  7. Thought of you this morning when I heard this song~Faith Enough (Jars of Clay)The ice is thin enough for walkin’The rope is worn enough to climbMy throat is dry enough for talkin’The world is crumblin’ but I know whyThe world is crumblin’ but I know whyThe storm is wild enough for sailingThe bridge is weak enough to crossThis body frail enough for fightingI’m home enough to know I’m lostHome enough to know I’m lostIt’s just enough to be strongIn the broken places, in the broken placesIt’s just enough to be strongShould the world rely on faith tonightThe land unfit enough for plantingBarren enough to conceivePoor enough to gain the treasureEnough a cynic to believeEnough a cynic to believeConfused enough to know directionThe sun eclipsed enough to shineBe still enough to finally trembleAnd see enough to know I’m blindAnd see enough to know I’m blindShould the world rely on faith tonight

  8. Thanks for this encouragement! God bless, ~ Pete “Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:4 (ref. my Xanga post of 2/21/2011 AD)

  9. beautiful in every way. your words really moved me, rachel. can’t tell you how i need them NOW.happy easter. sure do love you & am grateful for your sweet friendship in my life.  🙂

  10. Welcome back and thanks for visiting my site again! Check out today’s post! God bless, ~ Pete “Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:4 (ref. my Xanga post of 2/21/2011 AD)

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