Wednesday April 13, 2011

for those of you who so graciously said you were excited or wished to see pictures from our weekend away…

you will either be very pleased with the Huge amount of pictures in this post, or, you will wish you would never have said that…

seriously, i hope you were not just trying to make me feel better about having issues with posting pictures, because, as it turns out, the issue was really not xanga, but some new and improved update to our internet explorer that i am still trying to figure out. one call to tech support (aka the hubster) told me that i could just go back to mozilla firefox and be back  in business…duh.


because i am in love with taking pictures, and because we NEVER go away, just the two of us, and because i happen to like the pictures i took….

here ya go.

Washington D.C. for our 10th Anniversary


we stayed at a very, very lovely, jacuzzi-enhanced, king-sized bed suite!!! of a Days Inn.

bliss and happiness indeed.


slept til 9:30ish on a Saturday morning for the first time in, oh, i don’t know…7 years?

well, maybe not quite, but you know. with little kids and EARLY risers like mine, sleeping in is a thing of the PaSt! actually, i’m not a hUge fan of sleeping the day away, but it’s something i probably could stand to do more of..someday!

once we finally roused our lazy selves and got out of the hotel, we were both thinking only one thing: COFFEE!!

so, thanks to the oh-so-trusty-IPHONE app ‘starbucks finder’ we were quickly in business and off on our merry way with steaming cups of java…

to the Metro!



being the country girl that i am, i was highly apprehensive about this experience, but at the same time, excited to have it. i did have to take some deep breaths and not look out the window at certain moments, and certainly NOT try to think about some of the movie scenes i have in my minds eye with not-so-good things happening at subway stations!


it was by FAR the easiest and most efficient means of transportation in the big city of Washington D.C.

we rode from the Greenbelt station to Georgetown, and there, we became tourists in a sea of soooo many people! after walking all that we did with changing trains and then from the station to our actual destination, we were ready for some food…and found options everywhere!


this little bistro was Awesome! such great food, and the funnest of atmospheres. atmosphere is big to me when i dine out…maybe because it’s big to me the rest of the time too, eh?



a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and a cup of tomato basil soup with a glass of fresh lemonade, and this girl was good to go.

we really did not have any kind of an agenda…we walked, browsed, darted down side streets if they looked fun, and then did it all over again.

one of the things i had seen online when we were checking out what all was available in Georgetown was Georgetown Cupcake. since i am a rather BiG fan of cupcakes, i was all about checking it out. we saw the shoppe soon after we got to Georgetown, but decided we would hit it later on in the day, since cupcakes for breakfast wasn’t that great of an idea in either of our minds. 


once we did finally circle back to the shoppe, the line to get in the place was UnBeliEvaBle! i captured *part* of it here, 

but seriously, it was crazy. no way were we going to stand in line just for a cupcake.

maybe if i watched the show, or knew more about the actual shoppe and it’s proprietors, i would have been that desperate. but, no. there were other cupcake shoppes there and we were quite happy with the one we did go to.


they also sold ice cream, and specialty drinks, which were not exactly cheap, but they did hit the spot.




Tim, bless his heart, tried to tell me that the cupcakes i make are just as good as the ones we bought and ate. but, like i always argue with him, love is like that. a little blind. or, in this case, taste-buds dulled.

^^the one where Rachel looks down the street….actually, it’s kind of cool because even tho’ Tim was being o-so-tricky and trying to get me all looking off in the distance like, he got himself in the picture in the process.

shopping to be had in Georgetown?

oh my word.

was there ever.

not only were there umpteen little shoppes, there is a huge mall which we browsed thru.

and, by far the best shop in the mall was none other than:



‘where all the women are strong’, and the men….


…are sleeping!

oh. sorry.

i almost burst into Garrison Keillor there, but somehow, the sleeping part doesn’t actually fit into his saying…

but, such was the case at Anthro!

altho’ i purchased no thing while in this great place of inspiration and beauty, i came away with ideas GalOre!


^^this…is so going to happen here!



^^ see the use of ephemera?! and, have you ever seen such ca-ute!! kitchen timers?


the displays in that store are just so stunning. i could have spent hours in there and still not have seen it all!

^^ the IPhone, as much as i give my hubs a very hard time about the thing, was very useful in our days in D.C. (yes, he reads my blog. and yes, he will do a little victory dance upon reading this admission)



^^inside the mall..

and, then, when we had seen all we wanted to see, and when our legs were weary, we took the subway back to our starting point. rode in our o-so-sporty mini-van right back to our hotel, which!! was right next door to a HuGe thrift shop! i laughed so hard when we drove out the hotel driveway on Saturday morning and spotted that. we had arrived late on Friday night, and didn’t look past our hotel at all. but, when i discovered that on Saturday morning, it was a pretty hysterical moment. not because thrift shopping makes me hysterical, but because the likelihood of my husband purposely parking us next to such a place is pretty much….well, not a likelihood! Tim is not at All opposed to thrift shopping. on the contrary, he is quite grateful that i do so much of it, and save us so much money by purchasing a large majority of our clothing and many other things that way. however, if and when we are out and about, that is pretty much the last kind of store he would spot, and the FIRST kind of store i would spot!

so, we made it back in time to do some browsing there….



^^ this thing, i really would have loved to have purchased…but, it was $70 and in very rough shape. very. i still took the picture tho’ because it was truly a moment of  ‘Gasp! look at this thing Tim!!’

the only really exciting thing i bought was a $7 J.Jill skirt that i declare is brand new, and a throw pillow for $2 that has very pretty, vintage looking flowers on it.

we would have liked to have browsed more, but we spent probably close to an HOUR, No JokE!! talking to an 18 year old guy who was pretty determined to sway us to come and experience speaking in tongues before we left the area to go home. i kid you not. it was LONG! i kept standing there, listening, and thinking ‘we’ve gone around this about 6 times already, why??? are we still beating the same drum?’. he was definitely an on fire for the Lord young man, and i do believe that God will do big things with him, but maybe if you would have been on your 10th anniversary escape weekend, you would have felt a tad annoyed too? 


 we did end the night eating at Don Pablo’s and watching a movie in our hotel….

good times.

day 2 and more metro and walking.

in my Southern Living magazine, and also in my Flea Market Style magazine, i have read about Eastern Market in the D.C. area. we researched it and figured out where it was along the metro line, and that! was our starting point for the day. 

if you’ve at all been following my blog in the past, you may recall that i am ‘in’ to flea markets and yard sales, and places that beckon you to look and take in the beauty of things created, vintage, and antique.

it was really fun to roam the streets, see the wares, eat the food, and take in the experience D.C. style.



^^the one with the lady who reminded me of Kelle Hampton.

^^the one where Rachel walks around stuffing her face.

^^the one with the cutest little street artists i’ve ever seen. i think he wanted me to pay him for taking his picture tho’ which i found kind of disturbing. 😉

^^the one where the vendor tries to figure out what in the world is on my head.

or, maybe she was wondering where i got my skirt…which, btw, i was asked.

the answer: thrifted.

for $3. vintage find.

thank you very much!


^^the one where the vendor told me ‘no pictures please’. after i’d already taken this.and i said ok.

^^the one with all the fun stuff with way!!! expensive prices!

^^the one with the street musicians. pretty good i thought. totally appropriate for flea markets, by the way. 

^^the one with the fresh flowers.

^^the one where i walked away as SOON as i snapped the picture. dude! he’s got a knife!!


and, then after we’d had our fill, we headed back toward the tidal basin area and the magnificent buildings and streets that i could not comprehend.

^^it’s pretty hard to see in the pictures, because the day was kind of overcast, but there was a kite festival on the mall lawn and SO Many!! kites! it was pretty neat. very fun experience to take in with children, i’m sure.

and, from here on, the pictures are just what caught my eye.

when i say i’m a country girl, i’m not kidding.

the incredible amount of concrete and the huge-ness of the buildings had my eyes popping out all day long. the beauty, the intricate details, the strength of these structures my mind cannot fathom…

i do confess to coveting Quite a few cameras in use on this day….a better lens would have been a dream on a day when details were EveRyWheRe!










if you’ve stayed with me all this time, bravo to you.

if not, i don’t blame you.

i don’t expect everyone to want to read about everything of my life.

let me end by saying that after 10 years of marriage, i cannot believe some of the places we are at in life.

and, then, i think about what the next 10 years could bring, and it is rather overwhelming.

in 10 years my firstborn will be 17, my daughter 14 and youngest 12.

and my age?


^^the one for my sister. she knows. ;O)


older too.

but, even though the years are rolling by, i am so very, very thankful that God has given me, given us this gift of marriage. and, not only am i married to my best friend, but i’m blessed with a man who loves me inspite of so many things.

to think that i would marry someone whom i knew less than 2 years before i became his wife…

to think that we are living in a place where we neither one would have ever imagined raising a family…

to think that we came from very different places in life, and yet, God brought us together and continues to walk with us through our ‘stuff’….

continues to write our love story.

my heart is grateful indeed.



42 thoughts on “Wednesday April 13, 2011

  1. VERY nice pics!! What a lovely trip! We used to live just outside of DC, before we had kids…and we could bike around all the monuments, it was fun! But I will say your pics depict a much “cleaner” DC than I remember .

  2. love love love this post….seeing as how I’m a picture kinda girl myself ; )what beautiful memories you captured.  I went with Payton for her 5th grade field trip, but it was very FAST and we were on such a schedule we got to see alot of monuments important historical places, but I love the street shots and flea market. : ) I want to go back for sure!!! SO glad you had a beautiful anniversary.

  3. I stayed with ya alllll the way to the end! 🙂 I am glad you had the opportunity for a 2-day-escape.  I am recommending that you head out here the last weekend in April, joining me for one of my largest garage sale weekends! Do tell me you are coming :)…and one last thing, I love your detail in picture-taking!

  4. Gorgeous Pictures!! Loved them….yup, ALL of them!! Looks like a lovely getaway, happy for you and your chance to escape! I was happy to see that your hubs made the list of “things that caught your eye.” ~the other Rach

  5. my heart is pounding. i lovelovelove d.c. maybe you already knew that. 😉 and i love to see what your creative eye captures…and especially there!and congrats again on your anniversary and all that you are celebrating with tim and Him.

  6. I loved everything about this post! {how many times have it typed those words under one of your posts }  You had me laughing all the way through.  You looked beautiful in every single picture, even the one were you are “stuffing your face”.  Amazing photos and you got to visit some amazing stores!!!  You don’t think Tim would mind if I tagged along on your next anniversary trip, do you?!

  7. Was that kettle corn in that bag? If so, Yum! I stayed with you, and LOVED it. What a fun weekend….and what a fun place. I have never been to DC. but would love to go someday.Time alone together is so special….glad you had a great trip.You are so cute.  Thanks for the tour. =)Happy 10 year Anniversary!!!

  8. I loved reading all about your weekend and seeing all the pictures….so glad you decided to post them all.  I think I could look at pictures all day long and never get tired….well I guess that is what I do some days being  a photographer and editing 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing your special weekend.  It was great fun to see so many things.  We had a great trip to DC and went to Georgetown and on the Metro too.  I was amazed at the crowd at Georgetown Cupcake…my, how funny is that.  We did go to a cookie place in L.A. that was a huge scene too, the line was down the block, lots of college kids.  Loved seeing all you did, you are a great blog host.  Happy 10th Anniversary.  So special to have that time away together.

  10. oh I soaked up every picture, i did, right till the bitter end. experianced a little envy here and there, what a great time it looks like you had, and I love all the building pictures you got.  I smiled at the Kelly Hampton referance, cuz that is exactly what I thought too Glad you had a great getaway. I think we PA FFE need to have Cindy take us on a tour of DC some day.

  11. Ah!  I would have loved to go to DC Cupcakes!  I’ve seen only a few episodes of their show…their cupcake decorations fill my mind with lots of ideas and cause me to wish for many parties so I can do something with all of the ideas 🙂  Glad you were able to still enjoy some delicious cupcakes.

  12. The pictures are so pretty .you captured the essence of dc.I live in maryland and never seen the eastern market . Def have to take a trip ro go see it it seems really cool. glad you had fun on your trip

  13. I had asked for pictures, pretty please, and was totally not bored nor disappointed.Things to comment on:Maybe I’ll have to do bullet points:#1 – Those cupcakes made me SO hungry. The looked absolutely scrumptious. I have been watching this show called “Cupcake Wars” on TV with the kids sometimes and I am getting a little more and a little more crazy about cupcakes and wanting to eat some that look like the ones you ate.#2 – That picture of you “staring off into the distance.”  You looked absolutely gorgeous on that picture!#3 – Your husband is very kind and patient to go with you to all of these flea markets and thrift stores and Anthropologie. Maybe he is into some of that stuff too, but my husband would be having a leet-le bit of a hard time. He’d probably be sleeping, just like those guys you took a picture of.#4 – You get-a-way sounds absolutely wonderful and relaxing! So happy for you that you got to do that.#5 – Love all the old buildings and architecture and concrete. So pretty in a different kind of way.#6 – OK, I think that is all!

  14. Rachel, looks like you had a wonderful time………I’d love to check some of those places out. I made Iz stop at a Goodwill on our wk. end away too ;), just didn’t want to miss out on any treasures.Loved seeing all the pics…………I’ve only been to D.C twice, and let’s just say I’d have rather went where you did then to some of those museums I saw ;). Happy you had such a good time~

  15. The pictures are fab-Rachel!!! 🙂  I see a similiarity in the way you and I take pictures…our composition for a frame is very similiar. 🙂   I’m sure your weekend to DC was refreshing to your marriage and your spirits!! I went a few years ago with my kiddos and was EXHAUSTED because it was just me and 4 kids- and I did all the drivingand chaperoning…and hand holding for street crossings etc, so I was kinda wiped out by the end of the day. I’d like to take the kids up there again sometime soon. :)Happy-belated-Anniversary.

  16. @appalolly – actually, and this is no joke, Tim does enjoy this sort of thing. we would Not have done it had it only been ‘my’ thing. Georgetown was super fun for him too, because as a single guy, he used to go in there with some of his pals, so it was a chance for him to show me pieces of his past.and, the Garrison Keillor thing…tell me you! got that?! i figure if anyone would get that piece you would?!

  17. @foreveranoatneygirl – Oh, yes, I totally got that.  I used to listen to him a LOT!  He’s from Minnesota, you know!   Our neighboring state!  And I had one more bullet point too, but I forgot.  Just that I noticed the cute coat you were wearing. It makes me happy that the coat makes you happy!

  18. Wow! You were right about all the beautiful details. You took some gorgeous pics! Your trip looks like so much fun and a nice escape for you as well. 🙂

  19. Beautiful!! Loved all your pics!!  We celebrate 15 in July and are hoping to spend a weekend in St. Augustine, FL. Your pictures make me want to search out some interesting shopping places!  And in 15 more years, my kids will be 27 and 25!!  And I’ll be close to 50! Scary!!!  {Happy Anniversary!!}

  20. I’m so happy for you that you got to go on this get-away!  It looks fabulous and relaxing.  The pictures are beautiful, and I enjoyed the whole post!  Congratulations on your 10th!

  21. .. was going to say too that the subway IS a freaky thing. i remember when i was there last year i was a bit nervous by it all, and like you.. kept having movie scenes flashing through my mind. 😉 but those are some of my favorite shots. the ones of the subway. i don’t know what it is with your pictures,they’ve always been good, but lately there’s like this whole new level of artistry to them.. loving your perspective and eye for things. so talented, mydear.

  22. well, i read every word! it took me a few times, but i DID. 🙂 and now so many many things spinning in my head to comment on, and you know how good i am at being concise. ;)first, i LOVED all the pictures. maybe i’m just a picture freak, but i think tons of pictures in a post is fun.. you come away w/ the feeling you were right there, almost.and the tub in your hotel room!! ohmygoodness!! you would have had a hard time getting me out of that thing at all the whole weekend~ looks like such a nice, cozy room.i’m goofy that way about nice hotel rooms and especially NICE bathtubs. :)the cupcake line was nuts. those must be some seriously amazing cupcakes. looks like the ones you ended up with were pretty yummy too…and i’m sure tim is right about yours being just as good. he doesn’t look like the kind of guy w/ dull taste buds. 😉 love LOVE the shot of you in your sunglasses looking off… so gorgeous! and the one too at the end w/ the tree branch. you’re such a natural, don’t need to try too hard, beauty.and.. here’s the part where my brain is forgetting the other things i was going to say – but i’m sure this comment is way long enough by now. :)so glad you guys got to get away. times like this are so important for keeping the embers burning in marriage – i’m thinking shayne and i are overdue for one. 🙂

  23. Love the skirt! Like you I love places  like this to “get away” from the normalacy of life but yeah….always look forward to gettting home to the “smaller” and “slower” and “greener”…and I dont even live in the country! Imagine if I did? happy anniversary!

  24. Looks like you had FUN!:)  Lamar and I have gone to DC the last three years for the cherry blossoms and LOVE it there!  Of course we couldn’t go this year, thanks to baby….  I watched a Georgetown Cupcakes  show the other week and thought next time we go I’ll have to look it up… cool that you had some pics of it on here.  Was great seeing you for the first time in forever at your sista’s wedding!  marc-

  25. WOW!!!! What amazing amazing pictures!! I absolutely LOVE D.C. and have been there numerous times, but you captured places I never saw before! Isn’t that place just a photographer’s dream?!?! LOVE your pictures! Some of those would look incredible black & white and framed around your house!Anthropologie in an old house?? How amazing must that have been. That store is just too much wonderfulness! And all the darling cafes and coffee shops, the metro, the market. OH MY. I can only imagine how much fun you must have had!! So happy for you!And happy happy anniversary! How fun to be able to spend a weekend so spectacular with your best friend! And I got a chuckle out of the aviators. 🙂

  26. what an incredible PHOTO TOUR!! what an insanely cool trip… i love your thrifted skirt, all the anthro pics, the bakery pics and the typewriter,  oh how cool… i`d love to see you again to sit and discuss cool stuff… you know just stuff we think is fun. like those awesome rolling pins as hooks. funny feeling in my gut when i saw that. 🙂 BIG SMILE. 

  27. Congrats on ten years!!!!  And what a fun, beautiful trip.  I am drooling over that hotel room about now!  Isn’t it just the most awesome gift ever to be MORE in love after so many years of marriage?  I am in awe again and again.  Loved the photo tour!  I have not been to DC for almost six years and I am having withdrawal! 🙂

  28. loved every second of this post! happy anniversary ( a little late, i i know, but marriage is a big deal and staying together thru thick and thin never gets enough frontpage coverage!!)i love cities and i love D.C. i was there with my mom and dad and sister about 15 yrs ago and we rode the cool little city bus everywhere and just checked out the city. love all your gorgeous your skirt.i made my kids check out your sunglasses so they know it’s “normal wear”!! They make fun of me in mine and say i look like a boy! i must say, i don’t pull off the look as good as you!!i have yet to go into an Anthroplogie store. sheltered here in the North. 🙂 which may be a good thing.  I can  barely afford toilet paper!i have been reading about cupcakes and how much exposure they are once again getting. i gasped at the line in front of that one shoppe. could not believe it.i bet yours DO taste just as good. 🙂

  29. I know sis and i just howled !!! Loved all the pics esp. the building ones too when i go to cities with lovely buildings i think about what i wanna salvage from them!!  😉

  30. What a beautiful anniversary trip! I cannot wait till its my turn:) I had to smile when I saw the picture of Tim on his i phone…that thing comes in soo handy when my browsing and rooting around gets just a little too extensive. Many beautiful pictures! You do a wonderful job of capturing the “precious moments” in your life.

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