Wednesday April 13, 2011

this past Friday morning, i was invited to a VERY lovely springtime brunch at a friend/neighbors home.
i think she said something to me about a month ago, and i tell you, i came home from her house and her telling me about it, and put it on the calendar.
as in: ‘when it goeth on thy calendar, it stayeth on thy calendar.’
i lined up my sitter, got the kiddos placed, and came home and changed clothes before walking the half block to Jeane`s home
even tho’ i really didn’t know what or whom to expect, i was so very anxious to be in the presence of other Christian women, and fellow moms.
it was exactly what i hoped it would be…
lovely setting, delicious food, and delightful company.
Jeane` is seriously an amazing hostess, and the ‘tone’ she set was so very relaxed and welcoming.
it was fun to get to see Clarita  there….and i think we exchanged 2 paragraphs of words? (would so have loved to sit and chat for much longer!!)
12 ladies sitting in a very charming kitchen, sharing about life, and circumstance, challenges, and choices.
and, being encouraged in this great calling of motherhood.
i could not drink it in fast enough.
i kept watching the clock, knowing that my time was limited, and yet willing it to stop moving so quickly…to no avail.
after only an hour and a half, i had to leave.
right in the middle of it.
right when i thought things were only getting better.
i drove to my friends house to pick up my children, and drove the short distance home again…right past the party, and all the parked cars from the women i just knew were having the best of times.
but, as this sort of situation seems to often be my lot in life right now i am trying, tryingtryingpurposing to:
look past the less, and see the more.
to realize that i could have gotten more out of the added time at the brunch, but my less was what was right for me.
my less was taking the things i heard and learned in the short amount of time i was there and making them my more.
to dwell on the nuggets of truth and wisdom i was blessed with instead
of dwelling on the more i missed.
treasuring the moments and words i shared in my brief exchanges and realizing that they were more than had i not been there at all.
believing that what i heard and experienced was what God saw as best for me….my More.

if this is always my thought process and instinctive response?
Ha Ha.
i wish.
believe me.
there are plenty of times when i have  complained and wallowed in the self pity game of ‘if only….’
and, i’ll do it again.
i just know it.
but, i am finding so much more peace and fulfillment in accepting the less and not dwelling on the missing of the more.
and for you!
i hope that when life hands you less, you can see it as more.


ps…if and when xanga cooperates, i have a TON of pics to share from our weekend away…


18 thoughts on “Wednesday April 13, 2011

  1. Loved this, Rachel.  And again, its all about perspective, isn’t it?  Seems like that theme just keeps on re-occuring in my life lately!Still…sorry you had to miss part of the party!  I HATE leaving the party early. (i.e. at Thelma’s house!)

  2. Funny how life seems to poke at bruised area’s over and over. Love how you choose to be positive, it is always rewarding. Brunch with a group of Godly women sounds perfect! Hope your day has much sunshine ~

  3. How fun!  I didn’t know that you and Jeane lived by each other. Her blog is so cute. =)I like all that you wrote….very encouraging.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.Hope you are having a good week. =) Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  4. You are so sweet. And even more so, WISE. (and yes, I do know from WHOM your wisdom comes…He is my Father too, and has to remind me ALL. THE. TIME of such things.) Love to you on this dreary day.From the little housewife down the street.

  5. “looking past the less and seeing the more” this is a fabulous idea. today as i’ve been reading through blogs there have been some wonderful things that i’ve read that i just want to write down…such moments that God has shared with dear friends such as yourself…that I would like to glean from as well. Thank you Rachel for sharing so much! what a beautiful time you were able to have…i’m so glad (and i also checked out your friend’s blog!) so glad that you were able to spend some time with Clarita as well ;).

  6. Oh, it was so good to see you too! And I was SO disappointed when I saw you get up and leave before it was all over! I was hoping for a lot more conversation with just you, and I also felt sorry for you leaving halfway through (not trying to make it harder for you, just saying)… But wasn’t the time there just LOVELY?!! I cannot stop thinking about how wonderful the time was, and how wise the words were that weres spoken, and how much of GOD I saw in all of the women present. I don’t know a time that I have EVER been so encouraged and inspired as a mother and wife. Hands down. It blessed my soul beyond words, and has continued to do so for days afterward!!And one of these days, we’ll get our own conversation in. :)Loved your perspective on all of this, the choosing to be content even when you know there was more. That’s a huge thing!!Happy Thursday! ♥

  7. I was wondering where you normally shop? You always look so pretty.    Also is there a good place online to get jean skirts? I am having troubles lately finding modest clothing. I would love your suggestions. 🙂

  8. @dougzwife – oh my. thanks for the compliment! where i shop? in all honesty, a Lot of my clothes come from Goodwill or Salvation Army. what i often do, is spend time looking at styles i like and how things are put together, and then, i go to my second hand stores and try to put something together that is similar to what i’ve seen. one of my favorite websites for inspiration is Ruche, and while i cannot say i would wear all of the clothes they sell for myself, i do like the way they pull outfits together. and, where to find nice skirts? like i said…my thrift shoppes are my main sources. but, online, i know there are denim skirts called Style J skirts, and if you would google that, i’m sure you’d find some options. right now, it seems that dresses are in style more, which is good for modest dress!! i’m not sure where you live, but if you have second hand stores in your area, and are not opposed to the ‘idea’ i’d check there when you can!!best wishes on finding modest clothing…i think it’s so great that you care about that way of attire!!rachel

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