Monday April 11, 2011


…years ago today, this little guy was like this…

….today, he’s like this….

…and this…


…and, we are so thankful we have our little Brent!



…nights the hubs and i just had away from reality, and responsibility in celebration of our 10th anniversary.
more to come.

happy Monday!


26 thoughts on “Monday April 11, 2011

  1. I love the last pic where they’re all making that forced smile face. 🙂 Happy Birthday and Anniversary! We’re coming up on 10 as well, so I’m excited to hear what you did. 🙂

  2. @hicktownfarm – whoa!! look who’s up EARLY! =) actually, me too. i Have to get up early if i want peace and quiet..and, i want it. i forgot you guys took the train out…did you honestly like that? i always dream of taking a cross country train trip someday, but wonder if i’d really like it..have a good one…miss you muchly!

  3. Happy birthday to a cute little guy! And happy anniversary to you!! We visited your church on Sunday, and when I didn’t see you there I thought you must be enjoying an anniversary get-away. Those are always SO fun. 🙂

  4. 2 is such a great age. happy birthday to your cutie p tutie~ look forward to hearing more about your anniversary getaway. sounds wonderful.. too bad mine isn’t till fall. :/ 😉 

  5. already? he’s TWO? and i forgot that he shares one of my boy’s birthdays!ben turned 14 yesterday. gasp. i just wound up the baby swing for him like last month. and now he is as tall as me. so…happy birthday to you too. as the momma. and whoa. wondering whatcha gonna share about the big tenth! congrats!

  6. Yes, Rachel, I believe we did try to enjoy it 🙂 hahahaaa  You do remember I had 2 children along that were only 14 months apart. I remember sleeping alot!! We also rode the train out to PA. We would do it again, so go ahead and plan that cross country trip! Miss you too!  

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